4 Fresh Ways to Decorate your Modern Hamptons Style Bedroom

March 13, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style bedroom

A modern Hamptons style bedroom has all the charm, finesse and elegance one can dream of. The world-famous Hamptons style can make any space feel fresh and calm, but also luxurious. Elegant and timeless Hamptons style bedroom furniture is destined for creating a hub for unwinding and relaxing. Plus, Hamptons style furniture is not only pretty, but also very practical and will sure be suited for your personal needs and requirements.

If you ever wish a space that helps you to relax after a long day, a modern Hamptons style bedroom is exactly what you need. Here are some fresh ways to decorate a coastal Hamptons style bedroom and our best tips on how to achieve the typical Hamptons look.

Traditional Hamptons Bedroom Design

The traditional Hamptons style bedroom design is what most people associate with the popular Hamptons look. It celebrates the beauty of crisp white and all shades of blue, this high contrast aesthetics is what makes the traditional Hamptons style so special. The furniture in a traditional Hamptons bedroom is typically more sophisticated and aspires to elegance and refinement. Furnishings and interior are opulent and rich in colour and texture. When it comes to decor, the traditional Hamptons bedroom embraces patterns and layering. From strong geometric shapes in bold blue to floral ones in fades blues. An abundance of cushions and throws in natural materials like linen and high quality cotton sets the exquisite mood.

The key essentials for a traditional Hamptons bedroom design:

  • An upholstered bedhead with a curved shape, button tufting and studded trims
  • Wooden bedside tables in crisp white or blue with details like cross-lines and moulded edges
  • Table lamps with opulent shapes on each side of the bed
  • Oversized armchairs could make the space feel even bigger and provide additional comfort
  • Linen bedding paired with soft cushions in patterned designs and a generous throw

Hamptons style bedroom
AIME Bedside, Photo by @tlcinteriors
Milo Bedside
MILO Bedside

Subdued Hamptons Bedroom Design

The subdued Hamptons bedroom design is for those who want to give the bedroom a sense of the seaside vibe without overloading it. It still gives the feeling of a Hamptons home, but much more settled.
Instead of the high crisp white and blue contrast, you can play with soft greys and silver, which makes the bedroom space more cosy and inviting. Furthermore, you could implement some metallic elements like glass tables, mirrors and fine details in matt black for example in photo frames, lightning and hardware. Instead of classic Hamptons furniture you want to go with clean and simple designs, less detailing and shapes. When it comes to decor, less is more here. Avoid bold colours and patterns, better go for soothing shades to create a harmonious look and feel.

Use these pieces to achieve the subdued Hamptons bedroom design:

  • A bed head with simpler shape in a neutral colour like grey
  • Bedside tables in crisp white are still a good idea, but look out for clean and refined designs
  • Upholstery like armchairs or ottomans without button details or tufting are preferred
  • Opt for simple bedside lamps and choose refined decor items with silver details
Manolu white bedside table
MANOLU Bedside, Photo by @theedit__interiors
Lifestyleshot Frejac White Bookcase Chalk Simonata Armchair Blanc

Tropical Coastal Hamptons Style Bedroom Design

A rather untypical Hamptons design is the coastal Hamptons style bedroom. It combines the classic Hamptons scheme with a darker palette and takes the whole look into a different direction, a tropical jungle vibe. By implementing darker colours and lush elements, the whole Hamptons look will feel richer and more modern. Black or dark brown bedside tables paired with a modern bedhead in front of an indigo wall have their very own luxury vibe. In general, furniture for a coastal Hamptons style bedroom looks more rustic and less soft and plushy.

Look for these elements to create a tropical coastal Hamptons style bedroom:

  • A bed head, made from dark wood, rattan or natural fabrics like linen
  • Bedside tables with tropical elements like faux bamboo or rattan
  • Armchairs with wooden frames and darker fabrics or cane weave
  • Tables lamps with subtle shades that create a soft light
  • Implement tropical elements with leaf motif in bedding or artwork
  • Lots of greenery will make the space lush and fresh

Modern Hamptons style bedroom
ST Lucia Bedside, Photo by @studio_kate
Hamptons style console table styling
FREJAC Console Table, Photo by @propertystylingcorp

Hamptons Style Bedroom Furniture by La Maison

At La Maison we design Hamptons style bedroom furniture that goes with many design schemes. Whether you want the traditional look, subdued look or the tropical coastal Hamptons style bedroom look.

The Frejac range is the go to for a traditional Hamptons bedroom design. Each piece enhances the laid back Hamptons style with cross-detail adds lines and shadows for depth, moulded details and character. Furthermore, the Frejac range is offer smart solutions for storage and display. Whether you’re looking for bedsides, sideboard, bookcase or console table, the Frejac collection offers something for every need. It also makes it easy to combine the pieces to a wholesome Hamptons look. Pair the classic designs with large upholstery, like the Simonata armchair to achieve the perfect Hamptons bedroom design.

For the subdued Hamptons style bedroom, we highly recommend our Malval range. Simple in design, it inspires through subtle details like flared lip moldings, tapered legs and hand forged brass hardware. Each piece of this collection is versatile and perfect for a timeless bedroom styling. Available as side table, bedside, chest of drawers and console table. For a more modern look, you can also go with black finishing.

If you’re looking for more refined coastal Hamptons style bedroom furniture, we have some statement pieces that will make your bedroom look outstanding. For example, the St Lucia bedsides with faux bamboo detail. A perfect piece to infuse the tropical vibe to your bedroom styling. Paired with a rattan bedhead, it creates a calm yet interesting coastal Hamptons style bedroom design.

St Lucia Coastal Bedside Table Chalk With Transparent Background
ST LUCIA Bedside
Cayman Bedhead Queen Front With Transparent Background
CAYMAN Bed head


You see, Hamptons style bedroom doesn’t always have to be the typical crisp white styling with blue accents. It’s up to you if you want the bright look, a calmer design or something more unusual. While the Hamptons style is all about comfort and elegance, it is also very versatile in its styling options.

We hope our article brought you some inspiration to find and create your own modern Hamptons style bedroom design. Browse our Hamptons style furniture online or come visit us in our Sydney showroom.