The Ultimate Guide to Coastal Hamptons Style Bedroom

July 28, 2022 Posted by La Maison Coastal Bedroom

Occasionally, we all love to spend a day at the beach. Escaping the busy everyday life, dipping your toes in the water and walking along the sand has a calming and peaceful effect on us. Why not bring this vacation feeling to home? Designing a coastal style bedroom by implementing the seaside elements can improve relaxation and make your bedroom feel like a calming oasis. Whether by incorporating beachy elements with natural, rough textures or using an ocean inspired colour scheme with lots of white, blue and tan hues. There are many ways to create a coastal bedroom. To help you find the right furniture for your coastal bedroom, we created this guide with tips on how to easily achieve a dreamy coastal ambience. Get ready for timeless design styles and bring the vacation feeling of a beach day home.

How to create a coastal style bedroom?

A coastal-styled bedroom can make you feel like you are only a few steps away from the beach, even if you are miles away. To create the effortless coastal chic style, you need to keep three simply things in mind.

1. Colours

The key essential for a coastal bedroom is the colour scheme. It should create an airy, spacious and calming atmosphere. Combining the classic white with any natural hues and shades that remind of the seaside is a good start to form a coastal feeling. You can keep it clean with white and neutrals, or implement a slight touch of blue.

St Lucia White Bedside Table
Brigitte Side Table, Photo by @theedit__interiors

2. Furnishings

Natural Materials are the essence of any coastal styled room. Opt for natural structures, as you can find them in cane and rattan furniture. These work great in combination with upholstery, for example a comfortable armchair. Besides, you can never go wrong with a timeless white interior. By using white bedside tables, console tables, drawers, and chests you can build a beautiful, versatile base and complement it with coastal decor.

Lifestyleshot Malval Bedside Chalk
Orient Bay Armchair
Malval Side Table, Photo by @evolvestyling

3. Decor

The right decor and accessories are the final touch to achieve the coastal chic bedroom. Exquisite fabrics like linen and soft cotton in calming colours such as white and beige are a perfect choice. Opt for neutral or stripped patterns to enhance a sooth ambience. Rattan baskets or lampshades and weathered wooden decor items are suitable for the coastal chic.

Lifestyleshot Malval Bedside Black
Malval Hamptons Bedside Table Black
Aime Bedside Grande Chalk by metriconhome
Aime Bedside Grande

Coastal Bedroom Furniture Australia by Lamaison

Let us introduce you to our best-selling coastal bedroom look, the “coastal retreat” and how you can achieve this look at home. This is a beautiful and simple look that works in any home.

To begin with, a beach-themed bedroom starts at the top – with a modern rattan bedhead. The Amelia bedhead with hand-woven rattan panels framed in solid hardwood is the right piece to set the foundation for relaxing sleep. It creates a calm yet refined coastal look. Textural pieces like rattan and cane furnishings can set beautiful focal points in the room. Just because coastal design is based on simplicity doesn’t mean you can’t play with patterns. Knitted cushions in different sizes and shapes on the bed can add beautiful structures and soft aesthetics.

Lifestyle shot Manolu Bedside Chalk Amelia Bedhead
Amelia Bedhead

Combining the rattan bedhead with white furnishing can make the look feel clean and laid back, yet refined. The Manolu bedside is a perfect addition to this look. Its simple but classic design integrates smoothly into the coastal style bedroom. Fully constructed of solid mahogany wood and a smooth, flat surface, it is a long-lasting piece. The water-based paint guarantees no fading or colour changes, and it’s less stain prone. It’s also more resistant to cracks and maintains the elastic structure of the material.

In a world that needs to reduce its environmental impact and adopt sustainable manufacturing practices, water-based paint is becoming the new standard. Water-based paint smells less when applied to the surface and does not react with pollutants causing climate change in the atmosphere. If offers clean, breathable air and long-lasting surfaces. Plus, water-based paint is more friendly to the environment with a significantly lower VOC level.

Manolu white bedside table
Manolu Bedside, Photo by @theedit__interiors

For some extra relaxation time, you can integrate a reading nook in your bedroom. An oversized, upholstered armchair will do just fine. The Sassoon armchair with super soft, thick seat and back cushions offers dreamy comfort while adding elegant aesthetics to the room. The armrests are designed in an ergonomic rounded shape, offering support and additional comfort. A soft linen fabric in a beautiful natural colour reminds of sunny beach days. Black tapered metal feet offer stability and add a modern feel to the design. The Sassoon is a versatile piece, which you can use in the bedroom as well as in the living room. Pair it with the matching sofa to create a formal seating arrangement.

Lifestyle Shot Mayfair Side Table
Sassoon Armchair

If you implement an armchair into your coastal bedroom, a side table can be a practical companion.
Made of matt gilded iron and aged rattan, the Mayfair side table brings the relaxed feel of a beach hut to your bedroom. Its beautiful natural finishing adds instantly warmth and elegance. Shells and candles are perfect decor pieces to pair it with.

Mayfair Range Details Structure
Mayfair Side Table

The beauty of coastal decor is that you can play with decor, just don’t overdo it and keep it simple. A chandelier from carved wooden beads can bring a soft natural light while maintaining a coastal ambience. Opt for a round mirror to soften harsh lines, especially around the bed. If you want to add floral accents, try keeping a neutral palette and choose white or dried flowers to decorate side tables and bedsides.

Conclusion on coastal bedroom designs

To create the perfect coastal bedroom space, crisp white and a neutral palette is essential. Stick to a soft colour scheme combined with white furnishing to make your bedroom the calming, rejuvenating oasis you deserve. Make sure to incorporate comfortable fabrics like linen, cotton and knit in neutral colours and add little decor items from wood and rattan to set soft highlights. You can also take coastal design in a modern, contemporary direction by implementing geometric shapes and colourful accents. It doesn’t always need to be blue, try it with a warm coral tone. Experimenting with styles and decor gives you the perfect opportunity to find your own style or recreate the traditional coastal style.

At La Maison you can find all the essentials for a coastal bedroom. From rattan bedheads, white side tables over accent chairs to statement decor pieces. Browse our shop by look guides to find a bedroom style you’ll love.