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Coastal living design tips that recreate sunny beach days

January 13, 2023 Posted by Jo Smithers Hamptons style interiors

A beautiful beach home doesn’t require views of swaying palms, gentle ocean waves or a classic maritime design. With a few simple coastal living design tips, every day can be a beach day. No matter where you call home, invite the calming atmosphere of seaside living into your home with these easy-to-achieve coastal styling ideas.

1. Choose the right colour theme

The key decorative element for coastal living is the colour white, which creates an airy, spacious and breezy look. A good way to form a coastal feeling is to start playing with the colours. Like shades of the sky, sea and sand. The trick is to stick to any natural tone that can be found at the seaside. Bring the theme of the seaside into your home. By channeling coastal chic style with soft furnishings in calming whites, washed-out denim and cool shades of blue. A weathered, faded look and natural materials are the essence of coastal interiors.

2. Mix up the classic maritime style

If you want your home interior to feel relaxed and confident try this easy approach. Which is a simple combination of blue and white with a bold mix of chic patterns. Arranging weathered wood mixed with industrial steel and contemporary chairs gives the room a more upscale look. Add another layer of coastal texture in the form of soft oversized lights.

Coastal Design Examples

3. Let some soft sunlight in

Window dressings will make a big impact in creating a coastal look. Let the light does its magic. Light-filtering curtains will add plenty of texture and warmth to your space, while also effectively framing a beautiful outlook. When closed, the dappled light effect of sheer curtains will highlight crisp white walls and complement a neutral-toned space, while it’s filtering out harsh glare on hot summer afternoons. Choose a generous length to hang from the floor to ceiling, ideally allowing the fabric to pool slightly on the floor for a relaxed look. 

4. Textural touches

Bring the outside in to create a strong connection to your surroundings. Cane, rattan and other natural materials traditionally used outdoors will echo the beach vibe, relaxed feel of a seaside deck. While raw timber and living-edge pieces call to mind driftwood and sand. Highlight the rich patina of vintage pieces by contrasting them with minimalist displays, such as a unique selection of pottery.

Coastal Living Design

5. Add Decor from the sea

Besides using the right colour theme, most coastal living or seaside beach cottage living rooms also use items from the sea and beach as decoration: sea shells, grain of sands in a jar or sea side stones. A combination of traditional pieces and location-specific objects make spaces spread perfect for a beach house feel and atmosphere.

6. Mix shades and styles

Don’t ever think that coastal living and decor means you have to be traditional with furniture and textile choices either. It’s not all about blue striped designs and old wooden styles. Have fun by having what you like into the mix.

A Hamptons inspired Bedhead in natural linen, mixed with bamboo structured side tables is an interesting mix that still forms a seaside feeling.
Soft, light textiles will give your bedroom simple effortless coastal vibes.

LM Bedroom St Lucia

Coastal living or beach cottage style is a collection of cozy casual pieces. This style reflects  the easy-going way of life near the coast like, with all the breeze, the sound of the waves and that salty air. Even if you live miles from the coast, we hope these coastal living room ideas help you create the magic of time spent by the sea.

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