Creating A Coastal-Inspired Living Room With Hamptons Style Furniture

March 8, 2023 Posted by La Maison Coastal Hamptons living room furniture

Light, airy, and blissfully beautiful — the Coastal Hamptons style living room furniture sets most of us dreaming of seaside getaways and endless summers.

While not everyone can enjoy an expensive holiday on Long Island, anyone can pull off this luxury interior style at home by choosing the right coastal-inspired Hamptons living room furniture.

To help you get started, here is a rundown of a few helpful tips on choosing your furniture, simple decorating ideas, and some furniture favorites from La Maison, so you can create a timeless and inviting living room space that pays homage to the popular style of the Hamptons.

Characteristics Of A Coastal-Inspired Hamptons Style Living Room

This popular interior design style is best described by two words: “casual elegance.”

Mimicking the laid-back luxury of the summer homes along the northeastern coast of Long Island, this style is characterized by elegant and calm interiors accented with natural, light colors and marine motifs.

Clean lines and relaxed furniture are the hallmarks of a Coastal-Inspired Hamptons style living room, with small nautical touches here and there. The color palette leans into the seaside theme, with dazzling whites and royal blues. These are emphasized by natural materials and curated accessories — like rope detailing, textured wicker or sisal, and breezy cottons and linens.

How To Choose The Right Coastal Hamptons Living Room Furniture

1. Comfort And Cozy Luxury

Lean into the beachy vibe of the Hamptons style by choosing furniture that makes your living room feel like you’re on vacation.

Comfort is key — so look for luxe, oversized furniture with soft cushioned seating. A sculptural, large sofa is ideal because it anchors the room and creates a focal point for the rest of your furnishings.

Hamptons interiors are made to foster conversation and entertaining, so make sure you have plenty of seating options like ottomans and chaises that feature fine craftsmanship with additional scatter cushions for more relaxed lounging.

2. Refined Natural Materials

Wood is a warm, natural material that can provide the relaxed and organic feel of the Hamptons style to any living room.

But unlike the traditional coastal style that features rough and raw wood furnishings, a Hamptons style living room leans toward polished and refined pieces for a more contemporary look.

A whitewashed or light-colored wooden coffee table showcases this aesthetic and grounds the space. Rattan, sisal and other woven furniture are also great pieces that add visual depth to any space.

Keep away from metallic surfaces and shiny pieces.

3. Light And Fresh Textures

In between wooden furnishings, insert some slip-covered furniture in light cottons and linens that will add dimension and emphasize the open and airy feel of the living room.

4. Neutral Colors With Blue Hues

Crisp whites and soft blues are the epitome of the Hamptons style.

Our Brooklyn armchairs are perfect pieces that set a relaxing mood. Stray from leather and instead look for white, cream, or beige refined upholstery.

To subtly incorporate the seaside palette, pair upholstered furniture with blue or gray patterned linen cushions and throw pillows.

La Maison Coastal Hamptons Living Room Furniture

To help you create a living room of understated coastal elegance, La Maison has come up with a curated line of refined furniture pieces that blend classic Hamptons style with modern lines, so you can find the right piece for your home.

Here are some of the standout pieces:

1. Thea Sofa (Crisp White)

IUC THEA CW THEA Sofa Crisp White Angle

The Thea Sofa perfectly embodies the Hamptons Style aesthetic: relaxed, elegant, and timeless.

Its dazzling white color makes it a perfect focal point for any living room — brightening up the space, creating clean and refined lines, and magnifying the natural light. More than just a furniture piece, it also acts as a neutral backdrop to elevate other materials used throughout the interior and make the colors stand out.

This piece features slender arms, loose seat, and back cushions, with an additional seat cover for extra comfort. The white color is balanced out by its tapered wooden feet that add a casual finish to this sofa.

2. Calais Rattan Armchair (Old Gray)

CALAIS armchair natural cushion old grey

The Calais Rattan Armchair is the perfect way to add texture to your living room without being too overwhelming.

The rattan material is beautiful in its organic nature and creates natural curves that align well with the clean lines of the Hamptons Style. With warm and soft tones, it gives a light and airy summer vibe to any interior space.

Entirely woven by hand, the Calais Armchair is incredibly cozy with a curved back and spacious seating.

3. Manado Rattan Coffee Table

IB MANA Coffee Table Angle 1

The Manado Rattan Coffee Table is the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated.

With its solid hardwood frame and handwoven rattan details, this table makes an excellent centerpiece to ground your space. Its muted color helps create a calm and timeless vibe, and pairs easily with other furniture for a Hamptons style aesthetic.

The rattan panels are topped with inset glass for a more classic finish. Stylish and practical, this piece even has a spacious bottom shelf where you can store books or baskets.

Color Palette And Accessories

When it comes to accents, achieving the Coastal Hamptons Style requires the perfect juxtaposition of sophisticated luxury and beach vibes. Here are some important key factors to consider:

1. Coastal Color Palette

The seaside-inspired color palette is composed of generally neutral and delicate hues that pair well with white to capture that nautical mood. Common colors are creams, different shades of blues, sea greens, and mid-greys.

2. Pattern Perfection

Stay away from bright colors and trendy prints.

Instead, go classic with paisleys, geometrics, or even brocade. Botanical prints are also a great way to add that contemporary chic look when it comes to living room accessories.

A great patterned accessory to consider is the La Maison Distressed Geometrics Rug.

Geob1 Geometrics Stome 160x230 closeuppng 800x800 1

This large-scale piece features an Art Deco geometric print made with luxe viscose fiber for a soft and textured look. Its blue color palette blends in well with the coastal aesthetic, while its eye-catching pattern adds depth to the classic Hamptons white-and-blue colors.

3. Texture Talks

Add personality but keep it cohesive by layering different textures, colors, and materials.

This Jute Nat Rug from La Maison makes the perfect accent to give your living space a cozy and homely atmosphere.

Hand woven with dyed hand spun jute, this rug comes in an organic earthy tone that blends seamlessly into the Coastal Hamptons style by adding a touch of natural elegance. It also makes a great decorating base for other living room accessories.


The Coastal-inspired Hamptons Style living room is characterized by mixing high-quality furniture pieces with coastal patterns and colors. The goal is to make it look luxurious while still keeping the space casual, light, and relaxed.

Need help choosing Hamptons style Living Room furniture and accessories? Check out these curated pieces at La Maison.Lean into the beach vibe of the Hamptons style by choosing furniture that makes your living room feel like you’re on vacation.