Buying Guide: How to find Coastal Bar Stools that match any Decor

September 27, 2022 Posted by La Maison Coastal bar stools in saffron

Coastal bar stools have the beautiful ability to turn any kitchen or bar counter into a comfortable yet stylish space to enjoy a meal or offer additional seating space for extra guests. Whether you are buying coastal bar stools for your kitchen island or breakfast bar, there are a few things to consider, finding the right ones. And by the right ones, we mean picking the right model that is going to be both, functional and stylish.

Coastal bar stools offer many great uses, the more important it is to find a set that matches your personal preferences and needs. Finding a set that is comfortable and works best for your requirements is just as vital as the design. In this coastal bar stools buying guide, we provide you some valuable insights on what you need to consider before your purchase, as well as introducing you to some of our bestsellers.

Why you should opt for coastal bar stools

The coastal theme is a beautiful interior style that makes you feel like you are on vacation, literally every day, in your own home. Furthermore, the coastal style is very versatile, and you can combine it with various design schemes, like Hamptons style for example. Coastal bar stools come in many styles and materials, from rattan to upholstered, classic white to Hamptons blue and everything in between. And with so many choices on the market, you may need some tips and inspiration to find the right model for you. Before we dive into some design inspiration, let’s talk about the essentials.

Orient Bay Stool, Photo by @ellesindesignsydney
Hampton Cane Counter Stool styled by house society
Hampton Stool, Photo by @house.society

What is the Height of a Bar Stool

The most important point to ensure you find the right coastal bar stool is the height. There is no point in buying bar stools that don’t match the dimensions of the kitchen counter or bar and therefor will be uncomfortable. Means you have to measure the height of the counter or bar, whether you have already one or want to buy one. This step will ensure you pick the right size.

Typically, there are two standard bar stool heights. About 65 cm, which works best for a table height of about 95 cm. And about 75 cm for a table height of about 105 cm. So, to find the right bar stool height, you need to know the height of your counter or bar. For a good comfort and enough legroom, the optimal space between the seat and counter or bar should be minimum 30-40 cm. Also, take into consideration if your coastal bar stool includes a seat cushion or not.

Besides the seat height, you should also think about the backrest. A high backrest can improve comfort, so can armrests as well. Depending on if you are planning to use the coastal bar stools regularly or just as spare seating options, you need to think about the level of comfort you want to have.

Ocean Coastal kitchen design
Hampton Stool, Photo by @house.society

How Much Space Between Bar Stool and Wall

No matter if your counter or bar is placed in an open-living concept or close to a wall, you need to make sure you have enough space for your coastal bar stools. If you place them too close to a wall or other furniture in the room, you will most likely block walk ways and make it seem crowded.

A good space range is about 50-100 cm between your coastal bar stool and the wall or other objects. This measurement refers to a pull-out scenario, so when you are not tuck them away under the counter or bar.

Coastal Bar Stools Australia

Now that you know the two most important things to consider before buying your bar stools, let’s have a look at available coastal bar stools at La Maison.

Cane Bar Stool

A good choice for a typical Hampton style or farmhouse kitchen is the Hampton stool. The combination of beautiful fine cane weave in an age finishing and solid wooden legs enhance the coastal beach vibe. A removable seat cushion provides casual comfort and can be easily cleaned. This stool will work great with dark wood flooring as well as an all white interior style. More importantly, the traditional design and durable material make it last many years.

Hampton Counter Stool Old Grey With Natural Cushion Angle With Transparent Background
Hampton Stool
Hampton Cane Counter Stool styled by house society
Hampton Stool, Photo by @house.society

Upholstered Bar Stool

Choosing a coastal theme for your dining space comes with the possibilities of combining different elements to create a unique and modern setup. Upholstered bar stools like the Colby stool add an elegant charm to any space. Whether you have a clean setup with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops or classic white wooden cabinets and gilded accents.

The Colby bar stool can help to pull the whole dining space style together. Its contemporary modern style contains simple lines and slightly tapered legs. A supportive back and soft seat cushion guarantee comfortable seating. Available in three beautiful colours, you will surely find one that fits in your home style.

Lifestyle shot Colby counterstool white
Colby Stool Crisp White
Colby Counter stool Chambray Angle With Transparent Background
Colby Stool Chambray

Rattan Bar Stool

A true masterpiece of bar stools is our Orient Bay stool. Constructed from light weighted rattan, it is easy to move and suitable for under covered outdoor areas. The hand woven rattan design adds beautiful textures to a space while providing sturdy construction. Its ergonomic shape will ensure exquisite seating comfort, and the slightly rounded backrest offers great back support. Whether you want a tone in tone styling or set an accent, the Orient Bay coastal bar stool offers you three colours options the flexibility to choose.

Orient Bay Stool Old Grey
All white kitchen design
Orient Bay Stool White, Styling & Photo by @Amanda Smythe


If you are looking for bringing a more relaxed and dreamy vibe to your home, certainly coastal bar stools are a great choice. They offer you plenty of styling options and flexibility in combining design schemes. With a few basic rules to keep in mind, you will easily find the right match for you.

At La Maison you find a curated selection of coastal bar stools, such as rattan bar stools, cane bar stools and fabric bar stools. As well as matching Hamptons style furniture for your kitchen and dining space. Browse online or visit one of our showrooms to try and test our designs.