3 Creative Bedside Table Alternatives for Small Spaces which will surprise you

July 26, 2022 Posted by La Maison Bedside table alternatives

The bedside table is an important key piece in a bedroom styling. Not only is your bedside table a home for all the essentials you need before, during and after sleep. Furthermore, it’s a design element in your overall design scheme and can either tie the room together or be a statement.

If you have a small or narrow bedroom, it will be a challenging task to find a bedside table that fits the space. Besides the fit, it also needs to be functional – especially in a small space. Most of us have the routine of placing a cup of water, our favourite book or our smartphone on the bedside table. But what’s the solution, if you simply don’t have enough space for a bedside table next to the bed?

We collected some bedside table alternatives for you, that won’t take up too much space while adding style and interest to your bedroom.

Bedside Table Alternatives

Have you ever imagined using a side table, a console table or a bookshelf as bedside table alternatives? It may sound odd at first, but you will be surprised how well these alternatives work in a small bedroom. Plus, this unusual alternatives can be a refreshing style to the old-known pattern of placing a bedside table on each side of the bed. A true opportunity to create an outstanding room concept.

Bedside Table Alternatives for Small Spaces

Let us introduce you to some smart and stylish bedside table alternatives that work wonders in small spaces.

Side Tables

Most bedside tables typically have some built-in storage and drawers, which means they are a bit bulky. Whereas, side tables are basically just legs with a tabletop. They need less space and with the right design you can create a floating, open space atmosphere. And by the right design, we mean round side tables. The lack of corners and the soft curves are space-saving and can add a beautiful softness around the rigid lines of a bed.

The Bartolo side table is the perfect statement piece for a small space. Its airy cut-out design adds interest and pattern to the room while providing a spacious surface for all your bedtime essentials.

For more storage needs, opt for a side table with an additional shelf. The Florence side table with its 44 cm width is ideal for small nooks and narrow spaces. Gold painted iron and tempered glass add instantly a touch of glamour to the room. And while the top holds your glass of water, the bottom shelf will suit for all your books and magazines.

Bartolo Geometric Side Table With Transparent Background
BARTOLO Side Table
Florence Side Table round gold

Book Shelves

Adding a bookshelf to a small bedroom doesn’t sound logical? Hear us out. If you are having only a small space, you want to use this as good as possible. And what furniture item provides plenty of storage and doesn’t look too hefty? A bookshelf!

The bookshelves can either frame your bed, just as bedside tables would do. Or you can place them along the side walls and leave a gap between bed and bookshelf.

A space-saving bookshelf is the Mayfair Etagere. Five levels of display space offer plenty of storage. The fine gilded iron frame enhances an open ambience and lightens up every bedroom. It’s suitable for light weighted decor items.

Also big on storage is the Oscar bookcase. A strong iron frame and solid wood shelves allow you to store heavy items and boxes – preferable on the lower levels to maintain a soft balance. The middle level can function as a surface for your bedtime essentials and the upper levels for your favourite decor items or a photo frame gallery.

Mayfair Etagere Bookcase Angle With Transparent Background
Oscar Bookcase Front With Transparent Background
OSCAR Bookcase

Console Tables

Typically, console tables are rather pretty than functional and mostly used to place decor items. But in fact, they can be very multi-functional. Think of it as an extended bedside table, which also functions as a desk. This way you can integrate a little home office into your bedroom.

The Conran console table is ideal to combine bedroom and workspace. Not only the height of 75 cm is ideal, furthermore the spacious drawers can hold all your office supplies as well as bedroom essentials. A black satin veneer surface provides space for a table lamp and your laptop. The Conran console is available in two sizes and offers, so you can choose which width works best for your space.

console table decorating ideas
Photo Source housebeautiful, Photographer Francesco Lagnese
Conran Console Grande Black Front
CONRAN Console Grande

Small Hamptons Bedside Tables at La Maison

Not convinced by the bedside table alternatives? No worries, at La Maison we also have a variety of bedside tables that fit perfectly in small spaces.

St Lucia White Bedside Table

A refined coastal look provides the St Lucia bedside table. The faux bamboo frame enhances a fresh design, while the brass handles reflect on elegance. A lower shelf and single drawer on metal runners offer storage options.

Moreno Black Bedside Table

With a compact size and clean design, the Moreno bedside table fits great into narrow spaces. The two drawers come with metal runners for an easy sliding, and the brass handles add a beautiful accent.

French Hamptons Bedside Table

The perfect piece for elevating Hamptons style in a compact bedroom. The French Hamptons white bedside table shows subtle rounded corners and carved details. Four hand painted drawers provide practical storage. Works as a pair as well as sitting solo.

St Lucia Hampton Side Table White Front With Transparent Background
ST Lucia Bedside Table
Moreno Narrow Side Table
MORENO Bedside Table
French Hampton Bedside Table Petite Front With Transparent Background
FRENCH Bedside Petite


You see, there is a variety of bedside table alternatives for small spaces. Whether you prefer the traditional way of a classic bedside table, only in a compact size, or feel adventurous to experiment with other solutions. At La Maison we provide a wide range of bedroom furniture – from classic bedside tables, over console tables and bookshelves. Browse online or visit us in one of our showrooms.

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