Rattan Chairs: All you need to know about the timeless trend.

April 27, 2022 Posted by La Maison outdoor hamptons furniture

If there’s one interior trend lasting over decades, it’s rattan furniture. While it’s been a popular choice for outdoor furniture over the years, rattan chairs find more and more their way indoors. Seamlessly, they blend with a variety of interior styles. Rattan chairs add instantly a warm, natural and inviting mood to any home. Whether it’s for your dining space or a reading nook, rattan chairs are simply versatile. And due to the material’s durability, they last for ages. No matter the room, rattan chairs are the extra touch and textural accent you’ve been looking for.

Why you should buy rattan chairs?

Rattan is a very popular material for furniture, both indoors and outdoors. It can be bent and curved in any shapes, which makes it the perfect base for bespoke chair designs. Furthermore, rattan chairs are lightweight and easy to move and maintain. With the right care, rattan chairs can withstand heavy weather conditions, as well as humidity and temperature. Plus, rattan has a natural resistance to dust, dirt and insects. You see, it’s worth investing in rattan chairs and bring that natural charm into your home.

Introducing rattan chairs to your home, can transform any room into something more liveable. It can freshen up classic design schemes, like Hamptons, and make a room appear more soft. Unlike wooden furniture, rattan chairs are lighter and airier. This not only makes it more comfortable, but also more convenient to move around.

One of the biggest advantages of rattan chairs is its neutral colour palette. It helps to create a calm, elegant, and timeless mood. You can pair them flawlessly with your existing furniture and decor. And just like that, with only one piece, you can add texture and interest to your space.

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Are rattan chairs comfortable?

As with all furniture, more important than the look is the comfort and functionality. Many people wonder if rattan chairs are actually comfortable. And yes, they are! Rattan chairs are  more comfortable than their appearance might suggest. Because most rattan chairs are formed to cradle your body and many come with seat cushion for the extra comfort. Therefor, rattan chairs combine comfort and style effortless.

Another benefit, which might surprise you. Rattan chair are designed airy and light, means they keep the airflow going and stay cooler. This comes very handy, especially on hot summer days.

Need a some guidance on how to include rattan chairs into your home design? We have a few designs and ideas for you.

Here is how to integrate rattan chairs throughout your home.

Rattan Dining Chairs

The dining room is all about entertaining and gathering. With rattan dining chairs, you can ensure your guests are comfortable and conversations keep on flowing. Given the strong durability of rattan, they work great in a dining setting.

The Orient Bay rattan dining chairs are functional, comfortable and stylish at the same time. Besides, you can be sure they will withstand years of gathering without sacrificing on beauty. Its design provides a comfortable high back and a soft seating. The best, the seat cushions of the orient bay rattan dining chairs are removable. So, you don’t have to worry when someone spills their wine. You can simply remove and wash the cover, and it’s like new in no time.

Due to the light and compact design, the orient bay white rattan dining chairs are ideal for large gatherings. Everyone will find a seat around your table. The mix of modern design and handwoven white rattan dining chairs works perfectly with most design and interior style, including Hamptons, Coastal and Cottage style.

Photo by @rylo_co
Orient Bay Black Rattan Dining Chair Angle
Orient Bay Black Rattan Dining Chair

Rattan Armchairs

Turn your home into an oasis of relaxation. Thankfully, you don’t need to redesign the whole space to bring the rattan trend into your living room or bedroom. That’s the beauty of rattan armchairs. They match perfectly with furniture you already have. A rattan armchair paired with a rattan side table work very well alongside greenery and clay pots to create a beachy ambience.

The Calais rattan armchair is available in two colours. So, you can mix and match according to your style preferences. Choose old grey for a more beach, coastal vibe, or opt for black for a more modern feel. Both styles look great along a white Hamptons sofa or placed in a nook to give you some well deserved me-time.

Calais rattan Armchair
Calais Rattan Armchair Old Grey
Lifestyleshot Calais Easy Chair and Coffee Table
Calais Rattan Armchair Black

Rattan Sofa

A rattan sofa is a decorative and durable alternative to classic upholstery. Although a rattan sofa is versatile enough to be used outdoor, the living room is where it shines. And the best, a rattan sofa is easy to clean. Forget dry cleaning and fabric protection. Simply quick wipe it frequently with a damp cloth and some water.

The Orient Bay rattan sofa is a space-saving solution for small rooms. It creates interest while maintaining an airy feel. The compact size doesn’t compromise comfort, but rather gives you the option to add extra seating. Pair it with an upholstery armchair like Simonata or Saint Malo to create an open and organic atmosphere.

If you are looking for a matching set, have a look at our Hampton Rattan Sofa and Slipper Chair.

Hampton Rattan Sofa
Orient Bay 2 Seater Cane Lounge Old Grey Angle With Transparent Background
Orient Bay Rattan Sofa

Rattan Chair White Cushion

Who doesn’t love functional and versatile furniture? The Seychelle rattan chair white cushion is such a charming talent. It’s works wonderful as an armchair, paired with a large white sofa, as well as a comfortable chair for your home office. The curvaceous back and high arm rest provide great ergonomic support. While the soft seat cushion guarantees comfort for long seating hours. Which makes it also the perfect dining chair.

A versatile rattan chair white cushion which fits seemingless in a variety of decors and styles, from coastal to alfresco dining. But remember, to keep it away from direct elements, as this can damage the structure permanently.

Seychelle Rattan Chair White Cushion

Rattan Bar Stools

Modern rattan bar stools are a favourite choice for homes, alfresco and gardens. Whether it be a casual Sunday brunch with the family or a cocktail party with your friends, rattan bar stools are an ideal company.

Modern and accommodating, the Orient Bay rattan bar stool. The well shaped design enhances a classic rattan style. Available in three colours, the rattan bar stools help to create a comfortable and functional entertaining space – whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The strong woven rattan is specifically designed to withstand the test of time and harsh weather conditions.

Orient Bay Rattan Bar Stools
Photo by @madsweaver
Orient Bay White Cane Armchair Angle With Transparent Background
Orient Bay Rattan Bar Stool

Rattan Club Chair

Most rattan furniture comes in a bright natural tone. But the more traditional design is an aged finishing. Like the Hamptons rattan club chair, which reminds of a cottage home on the coast. Aged-rattan is a good choice, if you like to stick to a classic design scheme. It is wonderful for the “house by the sea” look, which is popular along the famous Hamptons holiday homes.

The Hamptons rattan club chair with low arms ensures spacious comfort. It can be mixed with upholstery pieces or be a standalone statement piece. With its rustic charm, aged rattan club chairs embraces shaby-chic to create a space with lots of character.

Hampton Cane Slipper Chair Natural Front With Transparent Background
Hampton Rattan Club Chair
Hampton Rattan Club Chair
Hampton Rattan Club Chair

What’s the different between wicker and rattan chairs?

There’s a lot of confusion about wicker and rattan furniture. Rattan is the actual fibre from a plant used for weaving. Whereas wicker refers to a certain method of weaving. Rattan is used for wicker weaving, as well as other materials such as bamboo and cane.

Besides looking stunning, there are several other benefits to choose rattan chairs:

  • They provide a charming and airy feeling to the room.
  • They are from an eco-friendly material and complement environmentally-friendly interior design.
  • They allow stunning designs due to its ability to bend and form in any shape.
  • They are a durable and sturdy material to use indoor and outdoor, while being lightweight.

Given it’s a natural fibre harvested from plants, rattan is a sustained choice for outside furniture. It stands up well against extreme weather, heat and frequent usage. But we would recommend protecting it with appropriate, weatherproof covers. 


Ready to welcome rattan chairs to your home?

Rattan furniture is a casual yet modern addition to your home and guaranteed to be on-trend for the upcoming years. Rattan chairs are a must-have if you want stylish yet functional furniture for your home. With rattan chairs you can add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space as well as living room, bedroom and dining room.

Our rattan chair range comes in a wide range of styles to fit any of your needs and purpose. Rattan chairs perfectly represent the laid back style and belong in every Australian home.

Plus, Rattan chairs can be easily paired with any other furniture. If you need help with mixing and matching, come visit our showrooms and our team will be happy to assist you.