Alfresco Design

August 19, 2019 Posted by Jo Smithers Malawi Outdoor Dining Chairs

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An Alfresco Design experience enjoyed on the tail end of our Australian Winter.

When it comes to August alfresco design, we take inspiration from the Australian way of life. Like long lazy lunches, sun on our backs and an open country green backdrop.

With all the right ingredients, light winters allow for fabulous outdoor dining. Above all, it is about colour schemes and textures, that’s keeping a little warm or at least feeling it. While the chill in the air sets by late afternoon and the sun starts to drop behind the clouds, this colour palette allows for a Sunday afternoon of easy, cosy outdoor entertaining.

Because it belongs to our culture to spend time mostly outside with friends and family. Therefore the alfresco area is about extending living spaces and an invitation for spending more time outdoors.

Create a calm mood, integrate the interior into the outdoor scheme and make every moment one to remember. This was our approach for our alfresco design.

By choosing similar colours and materials with warmth and texture for the exterior and the interior we have created a look that feels integrated and connected.

Alfresco Design

The Look and Feel of our Alfresco Design

The result is a beautiful tone on tone palette in black taupe, navy and grey. It’s all about the arrangement in relation to colour and feel. With textures of wool, wood and an Icelandic fur skin the feel is casual and relaxed but in turn classic and on-trend.

The colour scheme outside fits harmoniously into the natural surroundings but also connects the outdoor with the indoor style. With climate proof materials for your outdoor furniture your alfresco space will bring you joy all year round. Like our large Manyara Dining Table from teak wood, which fits easily up to 6 people. While the Malawi Synthethic Chairs are a great durable long-lasting chair and a good choice for comfort. Whether for breakfast or lunch, lounging with your family or a group of friends will be a long affair.

We added simple designed lanterns to create a comfortable atmosphere for outdoor afternoons. The alfresco design allows the outdoor area to dance between casual and elegant, just like the sunlight.

The alfresco area is a perfect extension to your living room. By combining both areas you create plenty of space for family events and socialising with your friends.

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August Alfresco Design was a collaborative design between our Creative director Jo Lebrocque with our in-house stylists and designers. Featured furniture pieces are designed (or replica designs) and manufactured by La Maison as well as bought from various suppliers.

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