A Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Bedside Table

January 5, 2022 Posted by Sarah classic & hamtpons bedroom

When you’re looking for furniture, you’re coming in with a lot of expectations; maybe you want something that’s chic, maybe something that’s contemporary or maybe you’d like to go with the old route and pick out something traditional… In the end, it takes a lot of effort to find a place that has everything you’re looking for, and that’s why you need to know how to choose the perfect furniture. The same goes for choosing a bedside table; your room is your comfort zone, so it makes sense to go for a bedside table that complements your room and your personality. And if you’re confused on how to figure out the best bedside table for you, then here is a guide that will tell you how to choose the aesthetic bedside table:

What to Consider When Buying A Bedside Table

You can’t just pick out a simple bedside table on a whim; there are some things you have to pay attention to while you’re thinking of buying a bedside table. Of course, carefully evaluating your surroundings and thinking of your requirements when buying anything, not just a bedside table, is important; if you buy the very first thing your eyes rest on, you might regret the decision as soon as you get home. For example, you may pick out a dark wood bedside table and find it too traditional or you might buy a black bedside table and find that a mondern white bedside table would have suited you better. So, here are just a few things you should take into consideration when buying a bedside table.

classic Tommy bedside table
Lifestyleshot Malval Bedside Black
Aime Bedside Grande Chalk by metriconhome

1. Size Does Matter!

The two most important things to think about when you’re buying a bedside table are the size of your room and the size of the bedside table you need. You really can’t ignore the size of the room and the required bedside table because both of them are supposed to complement each other and go well hand-in-hand, just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. For example, if your room is narrow or smaller than an average bedroom, then you need a small bedside table made up of light materials like a white timber bedside table with a sleek and contemporary design. If your room is quite spacious and has extra space, then going for a bigger and heavier wood bedside table or even a dark bedside table with a traditional design is recommended. If you bring a huge bedside table in a small room instead of a small bedside table, the space may be compromised and give the room a claustrophobic look. If you bring a small bedside table in a huge room, then it will look as if your room lacks furniture. To avoid such a problem, take into consideration the size of your room and figure out the required measurements of the bedside table.

2. Color Affects Room Personality

Although everyone has their own aesthetic, the color of the bedside table is highly important because it predicts the aura of your room. While you may dismiss color when choosing a bedside table, it can actually affect the room personality you want to portray. The color also affects the outlook of your room; going with dark or black bedside tables can make the room look depressing, especially if the room is small. Going with a white bedside table in a room that’s dressed in simple colors can make the room look boring and plain, and light colored bedside tables can also be a hassle to clean if you live somewhere windy. In short, keep in mind the color theme of your bedroom and try to complement a bedside table to that; you can go with darker colors if that’s your aesthetic but try to make sure the color of the bedside table does not come across as heavy.

3. Design Defines You

When you’re buying a bedside table, you’re presented with lots of options; from colors like white bedside tables and black bedside tables; style like round bedside tables, narrow bedside tables, freedom bedside tables, sleek bedside tables, floating bedside tables and designs like mid-century bedside tables, contemporary or traditional bedside tables… the more you think, the greater the options. Of course, you’re going to choose a design that best appeases you but know that the same design also defines you. A traditionally carved bedside table can show that you’re a classicist or orthodox, a contemporary bedside table can mean that you’re keen on changes and the shape of the bedside table can betray your sense of design. 

Most people also tend to go for a Hamptons bedside table because it’s a classic combination of chill vibes and sophistication. In fact, most Hamptons bedside tables can be modified to match your room style, so you’re always at an advantage.

If you’d like to pick a bedside table that screams at you, then go for one that best fits your style and one that adds to the vibe of your room too.

4. Convenience and Practicality

Rather ignored aspects when choosing a bedside table are convenience and practical feasibility; knowing how you’ll be treating your bedside table is also a helpful approach in picking one.

If you have to frequently clean your bedroom because of the weather conditions or your house’s location, then going with a bedside table that has a flat bottom or is heavy-set may be a dumb move because you’ll have to constantly move it. In this case, going for a bedside table that stands over a lifted base is advised because then you can manoeuvre a broom without having to redecorate your entire room.

Similarly, if you suffer from back problems, can’t bend, or find it uncomfortable to do so, then choosing a floating bedside table is ideal because you won’t have to risk hurting your back every time you have to get something from the lower drawer of a freedom bedside table.

Surprisingly, an ideal bedside table also depends on its shape; a round bedside table is perfect for minimalistic and traditional designs but are generally only helpful if they fit in well with your bed frame; but the same round bedside table can be annoying because they don’t exactly touch the wall all the way and can lead to a cluster of things falling off. Going for a square bedside table is much more helpful since it can be joined to the wall and forms a strong support, especially if it has a flat-top.

5. To Wood or Not to Wood

Lastly, knowing what material you want your bedside table to be made of is unignorable. If you’re looking for something original and reliable, then going for a timber bedside table is the best choice. Timber bedside tables also provide longevity since strength can be controlled, and they’re also made to hold weight. If you don’t want to go old-school and would like to skip a wood bedside table or a timber bedside table, then you can even look for an acrylic bedside table.

Types of Bedside Tables

Manolu white bedside table
Lifestyleshot Malval Bedside Chalk

Bedside tables have several types depending on their materials, design, and style.

1. Bedside Chests

Bedside chests typically have two or more than two drawers and are generally higher than the level of your mattress. Bedside chests a.k.a chest of drawers are supposed to provide a large storage space.

2. Nightstands

These bedside tables are small, light and almost always come with at least one drawer. The purpose of a nightstand is to store little and even basic things, so picking a nightstand generally means you don’t have too much stuff to keep. 

3. Bedside Cabinets

Bedside cabinets are basically the little sibling of bedside chests; they’re flat, can store large amounts and can even be built within walls higher than the bed itself, but they generally come with a door-ed cabinet.

4. Smart Bedside Tables

Relatively new, smart bedside tables are functional nightstands which come equipped with electric wiring, charging sockets, outlets, speakers, and USB ports and can have as many drawers as possible. These modern bedside tables provide a contemporary working space.

Styles of Bedside Tables

Bedside tables have over a hundred styles, some of which are:

●Baroque bedside table: flat top, gentle curves, traditional Baroque era

●French Provincial Bedside Table: flat top, curved legs, carved, intricate, natural styles

●Shakers Bedside Table: Sleek, tall, flat, and small top with long legs, simple designs

●Vintage Bedside table: Antique, flat top, inspired by architecture of different eras

●Block Bedside Table: Flat top, cube-shaped, multi-dimensional, stout, and short

●Tiered Bedside Table: No particular shape but always has an additional tier

●Stationary Bedside Table: Sleek, flat top, fixable, spacious

●Rolling Bedside Table: Sleek, flat top, adjustable with attached wheels

Recommended Bedside Tables

Now that you’re up to speed on the basics of bedside tables, it’s time to go through catalogues for bedside tables for sale and get to buying. But, if you’re looking for a bedside table with drawers that perfectly matches your style, complements your room like a match made in heaven and comes at an affordable price, then check out La Maison, where you’ll find the bedside table of your dreams. Here are some recommendations.

1. Moreno Bedside Table

Bedside table
bedside table

Minimalistic, sleek and bijou, the Moreno Bedside Table is perfect for student dorms, contemporary apartments, and compact bedrooms. This small bedside table comes with two drawers with brass handles and has a modern look. It is available in two colors; you can buy the Chalk/White Bedside Table or the Black Bedside Table.

2. FREJAC Wood Bedside Table

Frejac Bedside Black Front
Frejac Hamptons Bedside Table Chalk

If you tend to throw your arms off the bed and have to grudgingly get up to pick up the things you kicked off your bedside table, then go for La Maison’s FREJAC, a wood bedside table with drawer that comes with a curved, bordered top and drawers with cross-front designs. The lipped top prevents spillage of items and also adds a certain oomph. Get your Black Wood Bedside Table or your Chalk Wood Bedside Table now!

3. MILO Bedside Table

Milo bedside table
MILO bedside verde 1

A cross between Baroque, Vintage and Modern Bedside Table styles, the MILO Bedside Table is truly what your bedroom needs. With a small but sturdy stature and a curved, bell-bottom shape, this mid-century bedside table with drawer gives your room that extra “oomph”. Plus, it comes in a beautiful Newport Blue!

4. MANOLU Modern Bedside Table

Manolu modern white bedside table
Manolu modern white bedside table

If you’re looking for a bedside table with drawers that looks comfortable, modern but also sophisticated and not over-the-top, then the MANOLU Modern Bedside Table is the answer! Available in Chalk or Black, MANOLU has a practical design; the flat-top of the bedside table has an extendable shelf attached that can hold laptops, and the lower-half comes with a sleek drawer. Talk about making Work From Home easier!

5. TOMMY Industrial Wood Bedside Table

Tommy Industrial Bedside Table
Tommy Industrial Bedside Table

Are you into unique hybrid designs that are sleek, chic, and thoughtful? You’ll love the TOMMY Industrial Wood Bedside Table, a cubed wood bedside table with drawers that are deep and spacious, and the bedside table stands on a sturdy base of iron. For anyone who’s a neat-freak or hates having to move furniture to clean their room, the added space below due to the height of this modern bedside table is an enormous help!