8 Ways to achieve a tranquil Hamptons Style Home

June 29, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style home

A Hamptons style home has become synonymous with coastal elegance, relaxed living, and timeless charm. Originating from the seaside towns and villages on the eastern end of Long Island, New York, this design aesthetic has gained popularity worldwide.

Are you seeking to turn your Australian home into a coastal sanctuary influenced by the timeless grace of the Hamptons style? Your search ends here! In this article, we will explore ten practical and effective ways to infuse your home with the quintessential Hamptons aesthetic. With our store conveniently situated in Sydney, we are dedicated to assisting you in incorporating the coastal allure and refined elegance of Hamptons style into your home, resulting in a tranquil retreat you’ll adore. Let’s embark on this journey together!

The essentials for a Hamptons style home

1. Hamptons style furniture

Elevate your interior with exquisite Hamptons style furniture that serves as the cornerstone of your home’s aesthetic. Make a wise investment in timeless pieces characterised by their clean lines and expert craftsmanship, constructed from materials such as weathered teak wood, rattan, and wicker. The inclusion of white furniture effortlessly contributes to the light and airy atmosphere synonymous with the Hamptons style, creating an inviting and sophisticated ambience. Rattan accents such as our Calais side table or Malawi armchairs add texture and warmth, infusing your space with coastal charm, while upholstery in light and breezy fabrics like linen or cotton enhances the overall relaxed vibe. Our Saint Malo and Simonata sofas in white are a perfect reflection of the Hamptons style. These carefully selected furniture elements will establish the perfect foundation for your Hamptons-inspired haven.

2. A Light and Airy Colour Palette

With a meticulously curated colour palette encompassing hues of white, cream, delicate blues, and sandy neutrals, you can effortlessly mirror the coastal allure within your home. These deliberately chosen shades not only evoke a feeling of spaciousness and serenity but also encapsulate the true essence of the Hamptons style home aesthetic. By infusing your home with these soothing and tranquil colours, you’ll create an environment that exudes a sense of openness and captures the timeless beauty of the Hamptons style.

Calais armchairs gery in living room
CALAIS Armchair, Photo by @rylo_co
Lifestyleshot Simonata Sofa Blanc

3. Statement Lighting

Select captivating lighting that infuse your space with an air of elegance. Seek out chandeliers, pendant lights, or floor lamps that boast timeless designs enhanced by delicate coastal accents. Our lighting collection contains remarkable pieces to serve a dual purpose, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal as they illuminate your home with a touch of sophistication. Statement tables lamps can focal points within your space as well, casting a warm and inviting glow that beautifully complements the overall beauty of your Hamptons style home.

4. Textures and Layering

Elevate the warm and welcoming ambience of your Hamptons-inspired home by artfully layering soft textiles. Plush cushions, cosy throws, and textured rugs can enhance your space in an inviting home. Choose natural materials such as linen or cotton to infuse a sense of relaxation and coastal charm, effortlessly amplifying the desired aesthetic. By incorporating soft furnishings, you’ll create a haven that exudes both comfort and style, allowing you to unwind in the soothing embrace of your Hamptons style house.

Lifestyle shot Manolu Bedside Chalk and Camille Bedhead Hampton Blue
MANOLU Bedside
Orient Bay Armchair

The advanced Hamptons style decor

1. Timeless Coastal Patterns

Nautical patterns and enduring coastal motifs can beautifully capture the essence of the Hamptons style. Embrace the timeless charm of striped textiles, seashell prints, or designs inspired by coral, and incorporate them into your cushions, rugs, and curtains. These decorative elements effortlessly conjure the coastal ambience synonymous with the Hamptons style home aesthetic, bringing a sense of seaside tranquillity into your house.

2. Coastal Gallery Wall

Create a captivating gallery wall that transports you to the coastal ambience by curating artwork and photographs that beautifully capture the essence of the beachy atmosphere. Frame captivating prints featuring serene seascapes, delicate seashells, or picturesque coastal landscapes, effortlessly infusing your space with the timeless allure and relaxed coastal charm reminiscent of the Hamptons. Our carefully curated artwork collection can take centre stage, evoking a sense of tranquillity that invites you to immerse yourself in the serene coastal atmosphere within your own home.

Neutral Living Room with Rattan Chairs
SIMONATA Sofa, Photo by @oakandorange
Pelle Recycled Pine Coffee Table Lifestyle
SUKI Canvas Wall Art

3. Outdoors Elements

Embrace the beauty of nature by incorporating organic elements into the decor of your Hamptons style house. The presence of potted plants, fresh flowers, and decorative accents like driftwood or coral effortlessly blurs the boundaries between the outdoors and your interior space, creating a harmonious connection with the coastal environment. These natural elements not only infuse your home with organic allure but also elevate the overall aesthetic, capturing the essence of coastal living and further enhancing the beauty of your Hamptons-inspired haven.

4. Hamptons Style Accessories

Complete your Hamptons style home by adorning it with thoughtfully curated accessories. Seek out decorative items such as sculptures crafted from seashells, vases inspired by the coastal aesthetic, or statement mirrors. These exquisite finishing touches not only infuse your space with a sense of personality but also serve as the perfect embellishments that seamlessly tie the entire look together. Let these carefully selected accessories be the final brushstrokes that elevate your Hamptons-inspired sanctuary to new heights of coastal elegance and charm.

Hamptons Coffee Table Decor
BALLARD Coffee Table, Photo by @propertystylingcorp
Lifestyle shot Belle Mirror
BELLE Mirror


By implementing these ten actionable suggestions, you can seamlessly infuse your Australian home with the enduring grace and coastal allure of the Hamptons style. We invite you to visit our store in Sydney, where you can explore an extensive collection of Hamptons style furniture and accessories. Our carefully curated offerings are designed to assist you in crafting a coastal haven that effortlessly emanates sophistication and tranquillity. Transform your home into a serene retreat, where you can unwind and fully embrace the coastal lifestyle, all while embracing the timeless beauty of Hamptons style.