8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Bookcase

August 16, 2021 Posted by La Maison classiz coffee table

Bookcases & Bookshelves are one of the most attractive furniture items if you want to make your home appealing. They not only serve as a place to store your books, but as a place to exhibit art and accent pieces. They can also be used to neatly store bits and pieces by adding a few bins or baskets. If you choose the right choice, you’ll be able to keep your bookshelves for years.

Whatever the type of bookcase you purchase, you want it to be suitable for the style and decoration of your home and you want it to last for a long period. In this article, we give you some book shelf ideas you might want to consider when selecting a bookcase, to suit your house and to satisfy all of your aesthetic storage requirements.

Everyone who likes books is proud to have a book that displays their interests. And how could your books be better displayed than a great library? If you want a bookcase, it must be useful and eye conscious as well. Bookshelves constructed of particle board or wood are ideal and all for various reasons.

Bookshelf vs Bookcase

Bookshelf Bookcase
Typically has open shelves with no doors or drawers Often has shelves with doors, drawers, or both
Can be freestanding or wall-mounted Can be freestanding or built-in
Often used to display books, decorative items, or collectibles Can be used to store books, files, or other items that need to be kept out of sight
Takes up less floor space than a bookcase Usually takes up more floor space than a bookshelf
Can be easier to move or rearrange than a bookcase Can be more stable and sturdy than a bookshelf
Can come in a variety of sizes and styles, from small and simple to large and ornate  Often comes in standard sizes, although custom options are available

Overall, the choice between a bookshelf and a bookcase will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you want to display your books and other items, a bookshelf might be a better option. If you need to store items out of sight, a bookcase might be a better choice. Additionally, if you have limited floor space, a bookshelf might be the better choice due to its smaller footprint.

Here are 8 things to consider before buying a bookcase and how you can choose the ideal bookcase for your home.

Tipps for Buying a bookcase
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1. Budget for bookshelf

Assess your requirements and budget first. Decide if you want to keep a huge book collection, a few reading materials for some artistic decorations, a little of both, or maybe you just want to fill some empty wall space. Once you’ve figured out what you want, it’s time to go over some purchasing tips for your new multi-functional bookshelf. Within your budget, try to get the greatest bookshelf in terms of quality. Keep in mind that this is once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so it should be well worth the money.


2. Material of bookshelf

Regardless of the material, bookcases fulfil the purpose you require. Material, on the other hand, has an effect on how long a bookshelf lasts and how simple it is to move. Solid hardwoods and metals are long-lasting investments. However, they are significantly heavier and more difficult to transport. Wood veneers and plywood are typical bookshelf materials, and they’re ideal for rustic or classic decor themes. A number of materials are used to construct bookshelves.

Most common is wood. Wooden book shelf have a classic appearance and a sturdy, long-lasting construction. Wood is great for ordinary bookcases because it can support a lot of weight. Then there is a particle board, which is a type of composite material. If you’re on a budget, opt for particle board or MDF shelving. It has the look of real wood but is considerably less expensive. Keep in mind that particle board isn’t as strong as solid wood, so remember this while filling up your shelves. Last but not least metal bookshelves have a lot less mass than wood or particle board, therefor can provide a lot more storage. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want a clean, modern design.


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Photographer: John Downs


3. Style and Finishing of book case

Consider all finish possibilities, since what works in one room may not work in another. Keep an open mind when it comes to fashion. For example: If your style is more modern, you might be surprised to discover that a rustic, worn bedroom bookshelf fits right in. When it comes to picking the style of your bookcase, you’ll be confronted with dozens of choices, whether you only want a small book shelf to display decor or you want to store a small library.

Most popular designs are corner small book shelf which are designed at an angle, making them perfect for cramming into small spaces. The second most demanding style is cube bedroom bookshelf which are horizontally and vertically split. With its cubic-like portions it’s ideal for holding books and storage baskets. The mainstay of shelving systems, standard bookcases are the most common of all. They’re usually built of wood or MDF and include regularly spaced or adjustable shelves, as well as a closed-back frame. Some people prefer ladder shelf to keep their books. The bookshelves which shapes like ladder are meant to lean against the wall, generally with tiered shelves which are scaled down from the ground up gradually. Ladder shelves look appealing if you have a big room.


4. Size and Space of book case

Consider the space when picking shelves. The area determines the correct proportions for your bookcase and reduces your choices, so you can pick more simply. Measure the space where the bookcase will sit. This reduces the choice of bookcase and helps to focus on specific requirements. If you pick a bookcase with permanent shelves, be careful to estimate shelf space. Size may be the most significant element in looking for a bookcase, as it determines the look and the scale within your room.

You don’t want a too tiny, or overly huge bookshelf for your home. You don’t want your whole wall to be a bookshelf and you need to consider how high it is and how much storage you’ll get on it. Even if you want your bookshelf to hold just beautiful items and knick-knacks, it’s good for your house and not taking away the element. One thing is to be a conversation piece, another thing is that a conversation piece is the main argument regarding the design of your home.


styling bookcase and bookshelves
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5. Reliability and Strength of book case

Reliability comes first if you have to put tones of weight on a shelf, specially if you have huge book collection. Steel-framed shelves are sturdy and complement homes with strong architectural lines. An open impression may be created by a bookshelf built of tubular metal with opaque glass shelves. This provides the room a light appearance, which is useful for dividing an area while maintaining continuous vistas.

To assess its strength and thickness, examine the bookcase shelves. It should be sufficiently thick to hold the books and other displayed goods in weight. Consider also the amount of shelves you want to have on the basis of your goods in your bookcase.


6. Functionality of book case

Functionality matters if you want to make your bookcase look versatile. For a versatile piece you have the following options depending on how you intend to utilise your bookcase:

  1. Choose a bookshelf with moveable shelves for the most adaptability. These shelves are usually suspended from pegs that may be adjusted by inserting them into a series of holes.
  2. Consider a shelf on wheels if you want to use your shelves as a room divider or if you prefer to redecorate frequently. This makes it simple to move around.
  3. A bookcase may be used as a room divider in an open-concept house or a huge room. If this is your intention, make sure you choose a bookcase that is intended to stand on its own. Many bookshelves must be attached to a wall and are therefore unsuitable for the use of a room divider.


Photo and styling: Steve Cordony


7. Colour

Although there are many choices, you may take an alternate approach that fits or complements your present style and design. You don’t want a silver or green bookcase if you have orange walls. So colour is absolutely something that still has to be considered. Especially if the bookshelf is inset or dubbed a “built-in” bookcase, you may want to consider aesthetics. Why? If your living space is sleek, then a discordant design may have a big influence on the overall design of your house and make this more distinctive than you want, instead of complementing it.


8. Choosing a Right Location

If you intend to make the bookcase a feature, maybe as a separator in the room, consider where it will be placed and how it will seem in all directions. Pay care to the level and mood if it is put in a private reading area, such as a bedroom. You don’t want anything overly obtrusive or conspicuous. Have a clear concept before shopping of how your bookcase should be used. You want a stronger shelf, which can bear the weight of your hardcover collection, if you’re a keen reader. On the other hand, a bookshelf may be more ornamental, which functions more like a showcase.



You can accomplish so much with the appropriate bookcase in your home. You should thus certainly buy bookcase from a true furniture store or employ a professional to construct it. 

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