6 Living Room Furniture Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

June 14, 2022 Posted by La Maison La Maison Hamptons furniture

Your home should be a stress-free space, where you can rejuvenate and relax. The right living room furniture can help to make you really “feel at home”. Especially since work, entertain and rest are mixed together in our daily lives, a calming living area became more important. Therefor, designing a living room that is beautiful yet practical can be quite challenging.

Each year you can find new interior design trends, inspired by everything from catwalk fashion to the growing need of being more sustainable. When it comes to the latest design trends, we at La Maison believe in designs that will not fade and date quickly. Therefor, we design timeless, elegant living room furniture that will endure beyond any trends. From Hamptons TV Unit, white fabric sofas, Hamptons coffee table and white sideboards – in our range you can find all the essentials to create a beautiful living room that feels like home for many years.

Trends can only be a blueprint to design or upscale a space. More important is that you create your own happy place at home, which is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. Whether you choose to follow modern design trends, integrate Feng Shui wisdom or simply style as you like, you can’t go wrong. Our living room furniture trends are a just a guidance for you to create a tranquil living space with confidence.


1. Create a calming colour scheme

One of the most basic aspects to develop a relaxing living space, despite all interior styles like coastal, rustic or Hamptons, is the colour scheme. And one colour will never go out of trend – crisp white.

A white fabric sofa is the essential to a peaceful living area, while brining in a spacious visual appeal. With the Saint Malo white Hampton sofa, you not only create an elegant and timeless living room, but also a calming place to spend quality time with your loved ones. And the best, removable slipcovers allow easy cleaning and washing. Which makes it perfect for everyday lounging, even with kids.

A Hampton sofa in combination with earthy neutral tones, can help you to enhance a grounding atmosphere. Aim for natural textures like a rattan coffee table or a cane armchair for an interesting contrast. Such as our Calais rattan coffee table, which comes with an airy design and adds some texture into your space. A rattan coffee table is also suitable to use outside, in case you need some extra surface for your drinks and snacks.

For a more modern, versatile design matching with your Hampton sofa, you can play with a bold contrast such as Black or Grey. A clean, fuss-free design can emphasise a modern look. Ideally, you can opt here for a geometric Hamptons coffee table such as the Shabelo coffee table or the Ballard Hamptons coffee table. Both can function as a statement piece – Shabelo coffee table sets an accent with the X-shaped base and glass top, while the Ballard coffee table persuades with its practical removable trays.

Last but not least, a great company for a classic Hampton sofa is an oversized armchair. Ideally even two, framing your white fabric sofa and creating a cosy setting for long conversations.

Lifestyle shot Saint Malo Sofa White
Saint Malo White Fabric Sofa & Shabelo Coffee Table
Lifestyleshot Calais Easy Chair and Coffee Table
Calais Rattan Coffee Table and Armchairs


2. Keep your space organised and multi-functional

The new normal way of living is multi-functional. Now that our living rooms are doubling up as offices, crafting space, homeschooling hubs and entertaining space, clever and space-saving storage furniture is a must. Make sure to look for versatile and flexible living room furniture to ensure your space works for all your needs. With the help of living room furniture, you can integrate thoughtful zoning and divisions for personal space, work, rest and play.

Particularly in an open-plan living concept, the lines between living and dining often blur. The Louis Hamptons buffet provides practical space to store your dining utensils like plates, glasses and cups, as well as hiding office supplies in the drawers. Its semi-round shaped sides create a space-saving visual appearance. Therefor, the Louis white buffet is a perfect choice for small spaces and elegant dining areas. A white buffet adds instantly style and elegance to your home. Opt for a large Hamptons buffet like the Henwick white buffet or the Frejac Hamptons buffet, if you have a lot of dining supplies and decor.

Another solution to separate work and living within the room, is to carefully arrange your furniture without entirely enclosing an area. For example, a comfortable L-shaped sofa can separate your lounging space from the work area. To keep the room light and breezy, you can move all storage furniture, Hamptons sideboard and bookcase to your “work zone”. Clean-designed storage furniture can transform your work zone into a deep focus space with minimal disruption.

A Hamptons sideboard, in general white sideboards, can bring a sense of calm here while keeping your space clutter-free. The Moreno Hamptons sideboard comes with a practical storage solution in a modern and tasteful design. Its spacious drawers help you to keep everything organised. You can even use the drawers as single storage departments and categorise all your items. Due to the classic design and fine lines, the Moreno Hamptons white Sideboard works in all kind of design schemes, such as Hamptons, Coastal and French Cottage.

Lifestyleshot Louis White Buffet
Louis White Buffet
Lifestyleshot Moreno White Sideboard Chalk
Moreno Hamptons Sideboard


3. Add natural beauty with wood and texture

A room without texture, natural material and contrast can feel boring and dull. And who would like to spend most of their time in a lifeless living room?

Natural wood like timber, oak and teak introduce a sense of warm feeling and character into a room. It works equally well in traditional homes as well as in classic Hamptons homes. By adding some wooden interior into your living room, like the Brigitte wooden side table, you designate a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Furniture with rougher textures and grains form a rustic appearance and give a room its lived-in look, which is more popular than a clean, minimal style.

Besides wood, furniture with texture and unusual surfaces can add interest. Furniture with a contrast in texture and shape can appeal to the eye and the senses, such as rough and smooth, glossy and matt, round and square. Such as the Brooklyn nesting coffee table set with its textural contrast of steel, glass and rattan. Its stylish material mix makes it a statement piece without being out of place or too much. Plus, you can stack the tables together to save space or move them apart for a large ensemble when you expect guests.

Alternatively, if you are unsure about how to make the material mix work, use texture as an accent. A perfect piece to set a focal point along a white Hampton sofa is the Mayfair side table. With its finishing touches of vintage rattan and gilded iron, it will stand out in a room full of softer finishes and smooth surfaces.

But be aware to use texture in moderation, especially in a smaller living room, including too much of it will make a space feel busy and unbalanced.

Lifestyle shot Sassoon 3seater flax and brooklyn coffee table
Brooklyn Nesting Coffee Table Set
Lifestyle Shot Mayfair Side Table and Sassoon Armchair
Mayfair Hamptons Side Table


4. Make space for conversations

For most people, the TV is the focal point of their living room, as well as a source of relaxation after a hectic workday. But the living room is as well a space to interact with your family and enjoy precious moments. That’s why we are not big fans of television and binge-watching TV shows, neither in the living nor in the bedroom. Hamptons TV units are a good solution to keep the television and all the tech supplies away, at least visually.

However, practicality shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a Hamptons TV unit. It needs to be aesthetic as well and match your overall design scheme. The Frejac white and wood TV unit combines style and functionality as no other. This Hamptons TV unit is a great multitasking furniture, not only for the living room. It offers a great way to maximise the storage space and hides remote controls, cables and other clutter.

If you prefer a sleek, stylish design, the Conran Hamptons TV unit with several shelves and departments is a good choice for you. It offers generous storage and tremendous flexibility in managing different devices within one base.

The key for a perfect TV unit is to find one that fits in into your existing room decor. A white and wood TV unit is versatile and easy to integrate. The Frejac white and wood TV unit comes in two sizes, ideal for small and big rooms.

white and wood tv unit
Frejac White and Wood TV Unit
Lifestyleshot Frejac Media Unit Chalk
Frejac Hampton TV Unit


5. Establish your own personality

Your home is your castle, so don’t be afraid to show it. A living room which reflects a person’s personality is more charming and helps to create an instant connection with visitors and guests.

There are a few decor elements that bring serenity and style into the room without being considered as visual clutter. For example, plants, books, photo frames and vases – all these items bring colour, shapes and freshness to the living room. White sideboards or white bookcases are a perfect base to show your decor items and all your personal treasures – how about that favourite photo of yours from the last vacation?

Ideally, you can even pair a practical storage furniture piece with the matching bookcase to achieve a consistent look and feel. Our Frejac range is the perfect collection for the classic Hamptons style. While the Frejac white sideboard provides plenty of storage space to hide everything out of sight, the matching bookcase is ideally to showcase your favourite pieces and play with different decor styles.

Lifestyleshot Frejac White Sideboard
Frejac White Sideboard
Lifestyleshot Frejac White Bookcase Chalk Simonata Armchair Blanc
Frejac White Bookcase


6. Allow generous movement

A comfortable living room means having enough space to move around freely, not only for you, but also for your kids and occasional guests. Whenever you are planning a living room, take your available space into consideration. Instead of packing the room full of furniture that makes it impossible to move around convenient, think about functional and space-saving furniture. Think of Hamptons style side tables with additional shelving and drawers, nesting tables which you can adjust based on your needs, folding chairs for extra seating. These days, most furniture designs are build to provide comfort and purpose. Make use of it and design a multi-functional living room that suits a wide range of tasks and needs while keeping an open and light appearance.

Boule Black Chandelier


Conclusion on living room furniture

There are plenty of things to consider before purchasing living room furniture. Most design trends come and go, but timeless and high quality living room furniture will last you for years to come. We recommend using trends to freshen up your home, if you feel a need for change. You can integrate certain styles and trend colours within textiles such as curtains, cushion covers and rugs. Also, small statement pieces can bring new flair into your living room without being a big investment.

At La Maison we follow a mix don’t match philosophy. Most of our collection can be matched and paired, but nothing has to. We encourage you to play with different shapes, material mixes, styles and colours to create a beautiful and interesting space. In this way, you can recreate your home style every now and then, whenever you need a new breath into a space.

Come visit us in one of our showrooms and discover our range in person.