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Interior decorating – 5 Popular Interior Decoration Styles You Should Know

March 6, 2023 Posted by La Maison Sustainable Interior Design

Whether you’ve just moved into a new apartment or you’re looking to switch up the aesthetic of your home — there’s an interior decorating style that fits every homeowner’s preference.

When decorating any interior space, knowing the differences between popular styles can make all the difference in honing your personal tastes and lifestyle with a lot less hassle. You can even mix and match elements of different decorating styles to curate a truly personalized home that looks and feels special.

Ready to find a look that’s perfect for you and your home? Here’s a rundown of the 5 most popular interior decorating styles to choose from

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Popular Interior Decorating Styles

1.Hamptons Style

Hamptons Style is a sophisticated and luxurious take on the much-loved Coastal style — combining classic, timeless designs with rustic, casual vibes.

This style originates from the opulent vacation homes along the northeastern Long Island coast, more popularly known as The Hamptons.

Hamptons Style interiors are usually bright and airy, with a coastal vibe that looks and feels effortless and calming. Chic blues, paneled walls, and timber flooring are just some of the hallmarks that give this style its timeless, resort-like essence.


The color palette is clean — consisting of crisp whites and subdued hues of blue that lean into the nautical theme. Expect to see clean lines, oversized furniture, and lots of open spaces that are accented by natural textured materials like rattan and sisal, and patterned geometric and botanical cottons and linens.

Hamptons style interiors

2. Minimalist Style

Heavily inspired by the Japanese principle of “less is more,” the Minimalist Style is characterized by simplicity, ultra-clean lines, and a monochromatic palette.

Furnishings are simple and streamlined — focusing more on functionality rather than aesthetics — to create an open, clean, and uncluttered interior space. There is no excessive ornamentation or flamboyant pieces. Instead, the decor usually comes in the form of a single piece of artwork that blends into the neutral space.

Storage is also an important element, so furniture often doubles as a hidden storage space for decluttering and practicality.

While most minimalist interiors consist neutral colors, primary colors can sometimes be used to accent the space without overwhelming it. This style focuses more on texture, rather than pattern.

Minimalist furniture style

3.Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style is inspired by homes from Nordic countries that are known for giving off a relaxing and inviting vibe that embodies the Danish concept of “hygge” — the feeling of being content while enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

This style is known for its minimalist colors, cozy accents, and striking modern furniture. Walls and interior spaces are kept bright and airy to play with natural light.

The furnishings lean into the clean aesthetic and are often sleek and sculptural — featuring light colored wood and natural materials like rattan and wool. It’s typical to see large mirrors and cozy textiles as decor.

Scandinavian color palettes are composed of neutral colors, typically white, ivory, pale pink, and soft sage green. It’s common to sometimes see accents that have pops of bold and playful colors, especially in Danish-inspired interiors.

scandinavian furniture

4.Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style embodies the free-spirited aesthetic — creative, carefree, and unconventional.

Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of gypsies who traveled through Bohemia in the Czech Republic, this style is a traveler’s expression of global influence that combines colors, objects and patterns from many areas of the world.

Bohemian interiors feature a unique mix of varied textures, patterns and finishes to create a unique — often whimsical — space. Modern meets traditional, as it’s typical to see vintage furniture and light fittings with more contemporary art.

Because it’s based on the bohemian belief of not being bound by rules, this style has a color palette that consists of the loudest, boldest and most vibrant colors — ranging from yellows, browns, reds, to shades of blue and green.

Bohemian style furniture

 5. Industrial Style

Inspired by repurposed factories from the Industrial Revolution, the Industrial Style embodies a polished “warehouse look” that typically features clean, open spaces with stainless steel surfaces, vintage furniture, and lots of metal elements.

This style’s hallmark is to highlight the space’s architectural aspects like open floor plans and high ceilings. Instead of covering exterior surfaces, this style embraces exposed elements like pipes, brick, and concrete to give character to the space.

Its neutral color palette runs in the spectrum of whites, greys, blacks, and sometimes tones of brown to give the space a bit of warmth.

Industrial Style furniture

Why Is Hamptons Style Interior Decorating So Popular?

The Hamptons Style is a popular choice because it is the perfect embodiment of “casual luxury” — charming, timeless, and luxurious.

Coming home to a space that leans into the seaside vibe and makes you feel like you’re on a beach holiday is a dream come true for most people — making it inevitable to fall in love with this decorating style.

Despite having elements of luxury and sophistication, the Hamptons Style is still inviting and easy to live in. It emphasizes the beauty of natural light via large windows and French doors to make the space bright and airy. It effortlessly incorporates natural and rustic materials like rattan and driftwood to add warmth and comfort. Pared with oversized, luxe furniture pieces, the Hamptons style makes for great indoor-outdoor living and is incredibly inviting — great for entertaining friends and family.

Hamptons Style Interior Decorating Ideas

1.Combine Crisp Whites With Coastal Colors

A dazzling white color scheme reflects the calming nature of this decorating style by instantly brightening up the space and magnifying the natural light.

To provide a break in between the lines of whites, add pops of color by dotting the space with blue furnishings and detail. Lean into the nautical look by combining seaside colors of mid greys and sea greens in varying hues.


2. Create Lots Of Open Space

Vacations homes in the Hamptons are made for entertaining guests — so choose a layout that offers a relaxing atmosphere for talking and socializing.

A spacious interior also mimics the inspiration behind the Hamptons Style, giving vibes of vast coastlines and boundless beaches.


3. Use Refined Natural Materials

Natural, organic materials bring warmth to interior spaces and provide a beak for plain white walls that are typically seen in Hamptons homes. These natural elements can be in the form of sisal rugs, rattan fittings, or wicker furniture.

You can also add rustic nautical decor like repurposed driftwood and rope to lean into the coastal theme of the Hamptons style.

4. Choose Soft, Comforting Patterns

The easiest way to add color and texture is by using soft furnishings — from linen fabric and cotton cushions, to ceiling-to-floor curtains.

Forget about bright colors and modern prints, and instead create a polished classic look using paisleys, and geometric, floral, and botanical prints that add pops of color without overwhelming the relaxed vibe of this decorating style.


5. Use Plants And Florals As Accents

The Hamptons Style is all about the blending of indoor-outdoor living — and the best way to do this is to scatter small potted plants throughout the interior.

Add an assortment of lush plants in beautiful boxed hedges and planters to give it an alfresco look. Some of the more popular choices are potted palm leaves and figs. You can also add unstructured flower arrangements in ceramic vases to add a refined look.

Buying Hamptons Style Furniture

Choosing furniture that best reflects the casual luxury of the Hamptons Style can be tricky, but the first step is by considering these important factors:

1. Comfort Is Key

Hamptons Style is all about mimicking a holiday at the beach, so there should be lots of cozy and comfortable places for lounging.

Look for luxurious, ultra-soft furniture with lots of deep cushioning. Some of the popular choices are ivory linen sofas in a roll-arm style, quilted Chesterfield chairs with deep button backs, and lounge chairs with rounded frames that make them look inviting and relaxing.

2.Natural Materials

Hamptons style has base colors that are neutral and subdued, so your furniture should add depth and texture by incorporating natural materials like rattan, sisal, and fabrics like linen and cotton.

Furniture made of organic materials creates an inviting sense of warmth and adds visual interest to your space. It’s also a key look that gives your home a high-end beach resort vibe.

Popular choices include: wicker chairs,  sofas and even woven light fixtures.

3. The Bigger, The Better

Anchored and oversized furniture not only grounds an interior space, but they are also key pieces to achieving that extra touch of Hamptons luxury.

The usual choices include a crisp white extra-large sofa and a rounded wooden coffee table that creates clean and refined lines.


A basic understanding of the design fundamentals and characteristics of the most popular interior decorating ideas is the first step in solidifying your personal design ideas and helps you create a framework for building the perfect home.

If you’re interested in the Hamptons style but not sure how to pull it together, check out these curated pieces from La Maison.