5 Easy Ways to Achieve Hampton Style Home

November 6, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hampton Style Home

The Hamptons style, originating from the coastal Hampton style homes on Long Island, New York, has become an enduring icon of Australian interior design. Renowned for its fusion of tradition and contemporary, this style is a testament to coastal living and relaxed elegance. Furthermore, Hamptons style interiors are defined by their ability to seamlessly blend the old and new, creating spaces that exude comfort and sophistication.

The core concept of Hampton style home decor is to infuse your home with the soothing essence of the beach. Light and airy rooms, natural textures like wood and linen, and a colour palette inspired by the sea are the hallmark features. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essentials and the enduring charm of the Hamptons style, inviting you to explore the beauty and allure of this coastal-inspired design trend.

1. The Hampton Style Home Essentials: Colour Palette and Textures

The Hamptons style colour palette is all about creating a relaxing coastal atmosphere with soft blues, whites, beige, and natural tones. To infuse your Hampton style home decor with this coastal charm, incorporate these colours to mirror the shades of the beach and sea. White, beige, or light blue walls create a serene backdrop, while soft furnishings like cushions, throws, and curtains can feature these shades. For furniture, a white sofa paired with cane armchairs is an ideal choice to capture the Hamptons style’s breezy coastal feel.

The Simonata sofa, with its refined classic style, features clean lines and generous comfort. Its slip-covers ensures easy maintenance, making it a practical addition to your living space. Paired with the Seychelle armchair, which adds a touch of tropical flair with its curvaceous woven rattan back and arm details, you create the perfect combination of classic elegance and coastal charm in your Hampton style home.

In addition to the colour scheme, the Hamptons style places great emphasis on natural textures. Timber, wicker, and linen are essential for evoking the natural and calm ambience. Use wooden furniture for that rustic touch, wicker elements for a relaxed vibe, and linen upholstery to add a sense of casual elegance.

Lifestyle shot Ballard Coffee Table Black
SIMONATA white sofa
Seychelle Rattan Armchair With Cushion Angle
Seychelle Rattan Armchair

2. Mastering the Art of Hamptons Style Interiors

Furniture plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for your Hamptons style interiors. When selecting Hampton style furniture for your home, opt for classic, comfortable, and sophisticated pieces that align with the style’s timeless charm. Classic elements such as large sofas, wooden coffee tables, and elegant upholstered armchairs are essential for capturing the essence of coastal living.

When arranging your Hampton style furniture, pay special attention to achieving harmony within the space. Ensure that the pieces are strategically placed, allowing for an effortless flow while preventing overcrowding. Striking the perfect balance between functional and decorative elements is the key to infusing the Hamptons style into your home, all easily achieved through well-thought-out layouts and furniture selections.

Hamptons Style Home

3. Elevating Hampton Style Home Decor with Mirrors, Rugs and Lamps

The abundance of light and airiness in a Hampton style home is the golden thread that weaves through each room, creating an ambience that’s open and undeniably inviting. To maximise this effect, consider strategic placement of mirrors, rugs, and lamps.

Mirrors: These reflective wonders not only add a touch of glamour but also amplify the sense of spaciousness and luminosity. Position mirrors opposite windows or in spaces where they can capture and bounce natural light, creating a radiant and open feel.

Rugs: Light-coloured and natural fibre rugs can further enhance the brightness of your Hamptons style interiors. They add a sense of warmth while maintaining the airiness of the room, making it a cosy and inviting place to be.

Lamps: Choose lamps with light, neutral shades that complement the coastal colour palette. Their soft, diffused light adds a touch of elegance while filling the room with a warm and welcoming glow.

Hamptons Style Including Malval Console White And Monet Mirror
UNION Mirror, Photo by @novaricollective
Otto Table Lamp Black Small And Large Size Lifestyle
OTTO Table Lamp

4. Perfecting Hamptons Style: Accent Pieces and Decorative Finesse

To truly capture the essence of a Hampton style home in your interior, it’s the carefully selected accent pieces and finishing touches that make all the difference. Incorporating coastal-inspired artwork, cushions, and throws is a wonderful way to infuse the relaxed charm of seaside living into your decor.

Coastal-inspired Artwork: Hang beach-themed paintings or coastal photographs to evoke the tranquillity of the shore. Don’t be afraid to include abstract art as well; it can add a contemporary twist to your Hamptons style. The Suki Canvas Wall Art, tastefully framed in premium oak, is a significant addition to any art collection due to the use of high-quality materials and careful attention to detail.

Cushions and Throws: Soft furnishings in soft blues, whites, and subtle greys, mirroring the coastal palette, offer both comfort and style. Layer these on your sofas and armchairs to add a cosy and inviting feel.

Moreover, consider well-chosen accessories like elegant vases, decorative items, and even nautical elements. These finishing touches bring charm and personality to your Hamptons-style space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and relaxed.

Pelle Recycled Pine Coffee Table Lifestyle
SUKI Canvas Wall Art

5. Embrace Outdoor Living with Hampton style furniture

The outdoor living area holds immense significance as an extension of your Hampton style home. To embrace this coastal-inspired aesthetic, create an inviting outdoor space.

Relaxed Seating: Opt for comfortable outdoor furniture, including sofas, armchairs, and lounges with soft coastal-hued cushions. Wicker furniture, such as armchairs and coffee tables, adds a relaxed beachside vibe. The Calais range is the perfect choice for a classic contemporary look. Its unique shaped pieces, all woven by hand offer comfort and make it easy to keep your design comprehensive.

Landscaping: Lush, well-maintained landscaping enhances the outdoor experience. Incorporate potted plants, shrubs, and flowers suited for the coastal environment. Privacy can be achieved with well-placed hedges or trellises adorned with climbing vines.

Beach-Inspired Decor: Elevate the Hamptons charm with beach-inspired decor elements. Nautical lanterns, striped cushions, and driftwood accents provide the finishing touches to your outdoor oasis.

Calais Outdoor Dining Chairs
CALAIS Dining Chairs, Photo by @msmimsimpson
CALAIS Coffee Table & Armchairs, Photo by @threebirdsrenovations


Incorporating Hamptons style into your home is not about rigid rules; it’s about capturing the essence of coastal living, relaxed elegance, and timeless charm. While this guide offers foundational elements, it’s crucial to remember that personal touches can truly bring your space to life.

With the right balance of colours, textures, and furnishings, your Hampton style home can become a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication. So, take inspiration from the Hamptons, and make it your own. It’s your canvas to create a place that reflects your personality and celebrates the timeless allure of Hampton style interiors.

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