3 reasons why you need a rattan table at home.

April 18, 2022 Posted by La Maison Outdoor Rattan Table

Rattan furniture quickly became a huge trend in the world of interior design. We all have seen beautifully styled patios and outdoor spaces with rattan outdoor coffee tables. No doubt, it reminds us of tropical flair. Due to its durable material, rattan tables are perfect for outdoors. But they also work fantastic indoors, as you can see in the famous coastal design. More and more, the outdoor pieces find their way into our living and dining rooms in Australia. However, the main advantage is its versatile and functional purpose.

Rattan furniture comes in plenty of design options to suit every taste and interior scheme. Beside durability and style, there are many reasons to love rattan side table Australia.

Why you should buy a rattan table

1. Functionality
When we think about furniture in general, the most important thing you want to ensure is that it’s functional and not just pretty. Rattan tables often come with additional storage space in the form of shelves and cabinets. Whether you want a stylish rattan coffee table for casual outdoor drinks or an accent rattan side table for your living room, rattan furniture is working just fine for many occasions.

Due to its lightweight, it’s easy to pick up and move. If you feel like rearranging your ensemble or move your rattan table from the outside to inside and vice versa, it’s an easy task. Therefor, it won’t cost you much energy or time to change the layout of your interior. Plus, rattan furniture comes at affordable costs with the benefit of providing long-lasting quality.

2. Design
Rattan furniture has a distinctive woven texture, which last for years to come. The flexible rattan can easily be curved and woven together, which makes it an excellent material to create outstanding furniture designs.

The classic rattan interior comes in natural shapes and colours. Meanwhile, in modern design, rattan can also be painted or stained in bright shades or timeless white. The colour coat of a rattan table determinate the whole look and feel of a room.

Round rattan coffee tables are ideal if you wish to create a space that feels natural and fresh. Furthermore, you can combine rattan with many other materials. For example, a rattan coffee table works great with an oversized white Hamptons sofa.

Rattan furniture blends perfectly into Hamptons, coastal chic or modern interior. It effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor space.

3. Low Maintenance
Rattan makes for excellent and long-lasting outdoor and indoor furniture. Especially for the outdoor space, you want to choose easy to maintain items. Consider the amount of time you want to spend with taking care of the furniture you choose. As little as possible, right?

While wood furniture will require frequent polishing or repair, rattan is more forgiving. Therefor, it’s less expensive and time-consuming in its maintenance. Rattan is a form of wicker, which means its care is quite simple to manage. Additionally, rattan is a very sturdy material. Holding heavy items like books and stone vases is an easy task for a good quality rattan table.

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Rattan must-haves for your home

Round Rattan Coffee Table

A round rattan coffee table can work wonders in small living rooms or outdoor nooks. Think of it in terms of cutting corners to save as much space as possible.

The CALAIS round rattan coffee table with its hand woven side panels has an airy design. It leaves the room atmosphere visually more light and open, without compromising in surface space.

CALAIS Round Rattan Coffee Table
Hampton Trunk Coffee Table styled by house society
HAMPTON Rattan Outdoor Coffee Table
Rattan Outdoor Coffee Table  

Speaking of functionality, have you ever considered using a trunk as a coffee table?

The HAMPTON trunk is the perfect rattan outdoor coffee table. On one hand, it’s a great storage solution as you can easily store seat cushions, blankets and pillows inside. On the other hand, it’s a good choice if you frequently entertain guests and want to ensure everyone has enough space for their coffee, drink or snack.

In general, keep in mind that a rectangle rattan table pairs very well with a standard or L-shaped sofa. The similar shape keeps the proportions and appearance of the arrangement in balance.

Square Rattan Coffee Table

If you love a set-up that engages conversations, a square rattan coffee table is a great choice. Placed between a sofa and two armchairs, it will ensure entertaining chats with your guests.

What we love about the MANADO square rattan coffee table is the symmetrical shape combined with a structural counter top. The mix of solid hardwood and hand woven rattan brings an interesting vignette into your space. While the lower shelf not only holds heavy items but hides them in a stylish way as well.

Lifestyle Image Manado Coffee Table and Side Table
MANADO Square Rattan Coffee Table
Lifestyleshot Calais Easy Chair and Coffee Table
CALAIS Black Rattan Coffee Table
Black Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan painted in black is an outstanding piece of design. So is the CALAIS Black rattan coffee table. It instantly creates a sophisticated look. Whether you combine it modern within a tone in tone scheme or let it be a focal point along a white seating arrangement.

The handwoven structure sets a beautiful textural accent in the room. Along with the full wood veneer top with a shadow line design, the CALAIS black rattan coffee table is a masterpiece of design.

Rattan nesting coffee table

If you think about design that instantly catches the eye, what is it you’re thinking of? For us, it’s an interesting, sometimes unusual combination of shapes, colours and materials. For example, a combination of warm, natural materials with modern steel.

The BROOKLYN rattan nesting table has an extraordinary, stylish material mix. It is the perfect mix of warmth and industrial chic. Which makes it an elegant statement piece, perfect for a modern Hamptons design scheme.

Besides the outspoken design, the rattan nesting coffee table comes with a practical feature. You can stack the tables together to save space, or move them apart if you expect guests and need a larger surface space.

Lifestyle shot Sassoon 3seater flax and brooklyn coffee table
BROOKLYN rattan nesting coffee table
Lifestyle shot BELFORT Armchair Linen Natural
MANADO Rattan Side Table
Rattan Side Table

Rattan furniture can help you to enhance a calming aesthetic in your home. The MANADO rattan side table is such a piece. Its design will add coastal chic and function to your living space. Ideally proportioned and airy designed, it’s perfect for small rooms or nooks. Not only it doesn’t take up much space, it provides space for showcasing decor and books.

You will for sure admire the exquisite finishing touches of the solid hardwood base. And you never have to worry about spilling your coffee over the rattan-wrapped top, as it’s protected with a glass top.

Black rattan side table

Multifunctional furniture pieces are everyone’s dream. We spoke about the advantages that rattan side tables are suitable both indoor and outdoor. Now imagine, a side table which you can also use as a stool.

The CALAIS black rattan side table is the little black piece, every home needs. Its lightweight makes it easy to move around freely in any space. So, it can hold your coffee while you’re enjoying your favourite book in a comfy armchair. Or, it can function as an additional seat if you’re running out of seating options for your guests.

Lifestyleshot Calais Side Table Black
CALAIS Black Rattan Side Table

How to take care of rattan tables.

Rattan is a famous natural material, and it is known for its strong and durable structure. To keep your rattan table strong and durable, it’s important to take proper care of the maintenance.

1. Keep it free from dust
A proper care can help to lengthen the lifespan of your rattan table. To clean it from dust and prevent stains, simply quick wipe it occasionally with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. If you leave it too long uncleaned, the fibres of your rattan tables may decay. Make sure to use a soft, damp cloth to avoid scratching the structure. For harder to reach spots, you can use a soft hand brush or a hand vacuum.

2. Keep it dry
Even though rattan is ideal for outdoors, you should make sure it never gets wet. So, do not leave it in the rain, which can damage the rattan table permanently. Therefor, we recommend keeping your rattan furniture in a covered alfresco space.

3. Keep it out of sunlight.
The same goes for heat and sunlight. To ensure your black rattan coffee table will last many years, we recommend you to keep it out of direct sunlight. Direct exposure to the elements can weaken the material. It may become dried out or brittle. If you want to use a rattan table outdoors but save the hassle to move it back and forth, we recommend using a weatherproof cover. And don’t forget, you should never place rattan furniture close to a fireplace as it might catch fire.

Follow these simple steps in caring for your rattan table to ensure it stays in a good shape and lasts for a lifetime.

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Find the perfect rattan side table Australia.

Ready to get bring some natural glamour into your home? A rattan table is a stylish and practical addition to your interior design. At La Maison we have a wide range of rattan tables to suit every taste, need and home.