3 Reasons why we love white furniture and how to incorporate it in your home.

April 11, 2022 Posted by La Maison hamtpons sofa and coffee table set

With the continuous development of home design, more and more people are looking for their favourite style. White furniture stands for simplicity and fashion, in fact it’s an exquisite colour. It allows you to play with the design of any room and style it in various directions. White furniture has many benefits, not only is it very versatile, it makes any room look more spacious and brighter. Let’s have a look at the advantages of white furniture.

1. White Furniture is a perfect match

White looks incredibly harmonious with its plain colour. White furniture works great as a contrast with dark or bright furniture. Alternatively, white furniture can also be paired with furniture in neutral tones like beige, grey or pastel. So, no matter what colour your design scheme has, white works well in every case.

2. White Furniture creates visual wonders

The colour white is pleasing to the eyes and can broaden the visual space, as well as increase the brightness of the room. White furniture can extend the visual sense and make a room appear more spacious. Additionally, white furniture has a remarkable ability to reflect daylight and brighten a room. So, choosing white furniture for any space where you wish a light atmosphere is ideal.

3. White furniture is trendy and timeless

White furniture has always been an indispensable colour in home design. It is a design that will never go out of style. And it goes with various design styles, such as Hamptons, Coastal, Provincial or modern mid-century. Therefor, investing in high quality white furniture is a good idea and can bring you a lifetime of enjoying your furniture design.

Whether it’s white living room furniture like white sideboards or white TV unit or white bedroom furniture, for example white bedside tables or white chest of draws: with white furniture you don’t ever have to worry about matching colours. White matches will all kind of wood, upholstery and furniture styles.

How to choose white furniture for your bedroom, living room, and dining room? Let us introduce you to some excellent white furniture options.

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White Bedroom Furniture

We all like to enjoy the bedroom as our safe heaven. As we spend almost half of our time in the bedroom. Choosing modern white bedside tables, white armchair, or white chest of drawers to decorate the bedroom space can bring peace and relaxation to our minds.

1. White Bedside Table With Drawers

The importance of the bedside table shouldn’t be underestimated. White bedside tables can eliminate the pressure of a long day and bring us in a relaxed mood. Above all, a white bedside table has many essential functions:

A. Place a table lamp. Having a light close to the bed is extremely helpful, especially when you need to go up in the middle of the night. A white Hamptons bedside table is the perfect base, plus it creates a warm environment in your bedroom.

B. Place a cup of water. Sometimes we need to drink some water before going to bed or during the night. Putting a glass of water on the white bedside table is practical. Whenever you are thirsty, you can reach for the glass to drink without going to the kitchen to refill it.

C. Place your favourite books. If you have the habit of reading before bed, having a white bedside table will make your routine so easy. You can keep your books in the drawer or shelves of your white bedside table. And take it out whenever you want to read.

D. Place your belongings. You can put glasses, watches, keys, or jewellery in the bedside table drawer or place it decorative on top. This way you always have them close to you the next morning.

Interior Design/Styling by @alixhelpsinteriors
Frejac Hamptons Bedside Table Chalk
FREJAC White Bedside Table
2. White Rattan Armchair

It is necessary to have a comfy white armchair in the bedroom. As the bedroom is a private space; not many people will come in. Therefor, a white rattan armchair is enough. Too many armchairs or too big armchairs can take up a lot of space. A white rattan armchair like the Orient Bay armchair is perfect for a bedroom. The overall material is made of natural and durable rattan. Rattan is a material that creates the feeling of belonging to nature. Enjoy the comfort of your white rattan chair on weekends of while reading your favourite book.

Orient Bay White Cane Armchair Angle
ORIENT BAY White Armchair
3. White chest of draws

If you want your home to be very tidy, storage is essential. All of us have daily necessities and clutter, which we want to have out of sight. Therefor, a white chest of drawers is practical and blends perfectly with a white wall. This way, it won’t take too much space visually, while providing you enough storage for all the small things. A white chest of drawers works also perfectly fine in the living room or hallway.

You will love Frejac white chest of drawers. It has a simple yet beautiful design with charming details. The compact size along with spacious drawers makes it a functional piece for any room.

Frejac Chest of Drawers White Front
FREJAC White Chest of Drawers


White Living Room Furniture

The living room is a multi-functional area in every home. It’s a safe and comfortable place for you and your family to watch TV, chat or simply enjoy each other’s company. Furthermore, it’s the room where you will most likely welcome your friends and guests. Depending on your lifestyle, choosing white furniture for the living room can be tricky. Here are some key points to consider when choosing white furniture for your living room:

1. White Sofa

No matter what style your living room is, a sofa is the key piece. Whether the living room is large or small, a white fabric sofa is an essential item for the classic Hamptons style. And as the sofa is probably the most expensive investment for the living room, you should give it a high importance. Longevity is the key to enjoy your white sofa as long as possible.

A white fabric sofa will instantly bring comfort and elegance to your living room. It can create an ideal leisure space for you and your beloved ones. Plus, a white fabric sofa can be matched with modern or classic side tables and coffee tables.

The Thea sofa brings style and comfort into your living room. The modern lines of the Thea white sofa create a sense of glamour. For the extra comfort, Thea white sofa comes with extra seat cushions. Its tapered legs provide excellent support. The stand of this white couch is made of Rubberwood, which is very sturdy. The 100% linen material will enhance a beautiful natural look.

Thea White Sofa
THEA Sofa Crisp White Front
THEA White Sofa


2. White Coffee Table

A white coffee table will make your living room cosy and comfortable. It not only serves as a surface for some food, it also keeps remote controls and your favourite book at hand. In addition, it’s a perfect base for flower arrangements and decor. Some coffee tables provide additional storage space, to keep clutter away.

Like the Henwick white coffee table with beautiful kubu rattan baskets and hidden storage space behind the doors. The natural look of this white coffee table works great in a ton in ton styling with white, cream or grey. Pair it with the matching Henwick white sideboard to amplify your storage options in the living room.

Henwick Coffee Table With Baskets Front With Transparent Background
HENWICK White Coffee Table
3. White Side Table

The side table design follows the principle of simplicity and compactness. It does not need to take up too much space. We are accustomed to putting a side table next to the sofa or chair to place vases, books, or other items easily. You can put a White Side Table as well in a small corner, and make it an accent piece. The ultimate consideration when purchasing a side table is its height. Its size should be lower than the sofa or chair, so that you can reach the items easily at any time.

Frejac Side Table White Angle With Transparent Background
FREJAC White Side Table


White Dining Room Furniture

1. White Dining Room Chairs

White dining chairs are the most classy option for casual dining. The saint malo white dining chairs combine classic and contemporary style. With its elegant shape and refined design, this white dining chairs can be combined with any dining room design. The slipcover of the white dining chairs has to-the-floor coverage, what makes this dining chair look classy and stylish. While the backrest and armrests of the white dining chairs are designed with gentle curves. Soft cushions provide a comfortable and pleasant dining experience. The slipcovers of this white dining chairs can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. 

Lifestyle shot Saint Malo White Dining Chair
Saint Malo Slipcovered Dining Chair White Angle With Transparent Background
SAINT MALO White Dining Chair


2. White Sideboards

A sideboard is generally used as storage furniture, where you either hide things inside, or place things on the surface. White sideboards usually have many drawers or doors that can store a lot of dining utensils.

The Moreno white sideboard is a classic piece of art. It’s 6 drawers provide you plenty of storage space for all your needs. With the Moreno white sideboard, your dining room will always appear neat and tidy, which is important for a calm atmosphere.

Moreno White Sideboard Front
MORENO White Sideboard

3. White buffet and hutch 

A perfect addition to spacious dining rooms is a white buffet and hutch. The Frejac white buffet and hutch has four levels of storage space and additional display function. The upper top of the white buffet and hutch is a lovely display for all your valuable decor and fine porcelain. While the lower part with sliding doors can keep all your silverware, cutlery and dining essentials. We recommend storing some infrequently used items at the bottom.

Frejac Hamptons Buffet and Hutch Chalk Front With Transparent Background
FREJAC White Buffet and Hutch


More white furniture 

1. White console table with drawers

Console tables are more suitable for narrow aisles and entrances. But styled it right, they can be beautiful statement pieces. You can place some simple decorations on a white console table, an oversized mirror for example.

The Frejac Console table with compact drawers and a lower shelf can be a practical piece in the hallway. While the flared top details keep decor items in place, the lower shelf is ideal to place baskets for extra storage space. In short, this white console table with drawers can fully meet your requirements for storing and placing items.

Frejac White Entryway Table
FREJAC White Console Table
2. White desk with drawers

Do you need a desk when you work or study from home? You can choose a white desk with drawers to put in the bedroom or study. A white desk can reduce visual stress. Additionally, a white desk can relax your mood while working or studying. Plus, it can help you improve your work efficiency.

The Croix white desk blends perfectly in every room, saving room space visually. It comes with plenty of surface space for your computer and all work utensils. While the drawers can easily hold your papers, journals and books.

Croix Work Desk Chalk
Interior Design/Styling by @alixhelpsinteriors
Croix Wooden Desk White Angle
CROIX White Desk


Conclusion on White Furniture

Although white furniture has many advantages, it’s not for everyone. The maintenance and cleaning of white furniture is very important to guarantee a good longevity.

White is a classy and timeless colour. It’s a good idea to choose several white furniture pieces for your home and combine it with more modern items. La Maison has different kinds of white furniture such as white bedside tables, white TV units, white coffee tables, and many more. Take a look at our shop to buy classic and stylish white furniture for your home.